The company based in Vancouver has been operating three routes within Canada. Known as the Rocky Mountaineer, it came into existence in 1990 and won several awards. In 2020, it bagged a Globe Travel Award for Best Rail Company. It has now entered the U.S. and promises a travel option by rail that would provide customers with a new experience. The coaches are spacious glass-domed and allow guests to enjoy the scenery as they dine and relax.

Daily Mail UK describes the first journey. It was a two-day affair between Denver, Colorado and Moab, Utah.

The route of the train to the Red Rocks was along the Colorado River and it passed through canyons with steep rugged walls. There was a provision of a night halt at the midway point. It happened to be Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The surroundings feature a large variety of landscapes that those on-board can enjoy.

Canada is the northern neighbor of the United States

In the age of Coronavirus, international travel options are limited but not domestic travel. People would seize any opportunity to go outdoors in order to relieve boredom. It helps to add energy to one’s life. The Rocky Mountaineer of Canada could fill the void. Canada is the northern neighbor of the United States and is serious about maintaining COVID-19 protocol.

Recently, a massive heatwave took more than 230 lives in Canada. Its luxury train could be an attraction to those Americans who love to leave aside the hustle and bustle of city life and be in the arms of nature. Daily Mail UK says the U.S. journey started in Denver and it was an eight-hour, 175-mile ride to Glenwood Springs.

Along the way, travelers bid goodbye to the skyscrapers and bustling city life and remained fascinated by the bounties of nature all around them. Some of the sights include the “Big 10 Curve” that came up in the early 1900s. Then there is the Moffatt Tunnel which has been open since 1928.

The Rocky Mountaineer train of Canada

This train is certainly a different kettle of fish. It does not provide for any sleeper module in spite of being a multi-day trip. There are no sleeper cars on any of the Rocky Mountaineer's routes. The guests disembark each evening and spend the night in a local hotel. There is a logic behind such an arrangement. The train travels during the day to maximize the scenery. At night, the guests can enjoy sleeping in a hotel with no rocking and rolling of the train. The oversized windows ensure that the guests do not miss the ever-changing landscapes. Daily Mail UK informs there are two categories – one is $1,250 per person, the other $1,645. Both include meals and drinks plus an overnight hotel stay.

The inaugural season runs through November 19. The 2022 season will begin next spring.

Luxury train Rocky Mountaineer of Western Canada lands in the U.S.

According to CNN, the railroad system of the United States got a boost from its northern neighbor Canada. The Rocky Mountaineer is a luxury scenic train line of Western Canada and it has launched its operations on August 15. It pampers its guests with a unique food and beverage program. There is no dining car and it is an eat-at-your-seat approach. It is personalized service with scheduled meals and drinks on demand. Considerable thought has gone into creating a menu that relies on local ingredients sourced from areas the train passes through.

The company is keen to promote local partnerships. At present it plans to operate two-day, one-night trips back and forth between Denver, Colorado, and Moab, Utah. There are already a few dedicated scenic trains in the West and the Rocky Mountaineer would be another option for the traveler.