Meghan and Harry are reorganizing their lives in America. They have stepped down from royal duties. After a brief halt in Canada, they have landed in America. The two of them have settled down in Santa Barbara, which is home to Celebrities. Vanity Fair reported they are expecting an addition to their family. The baby would be a sister for Archie. It is due in summer and the couple wants to spend some time together as a family after Meghan gives birth. The timing of the arrival of the baby could clash with Harry’s plans. He would like to be present in the UK for a very personal event.

It pertains to the unveiling of a statue of his late mother, Princess Diana at Kensington Palace in July. He wants to share the moment with his brother William and it will depend on when the baby arrives and prevailing travel restrictions at the time. Harry and Meghan have already set their targets for 2021.

Meghan is excited about welcoming another baby

Vanity Fair says before Archie was born, the couple had plans of a birthing pool in their home at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. However, Archie arrived later than expected. They had to scrap the idea and opt for a hospital birth, which was safer. Their son finally saw the light of day at London’s Portland Hospital on May 6. Harry and Meghan want to bring up Archie as a private citizen.

The experience will help them to plan a home birth for Archie’s sibling. Meghan and Harry will take leave once the baby is born. They want to spend some quality time together as they chart out their strategies. There is no dearth of ideas and the two of them are determined to break away from the shackles that bring monotony into the lives of people.

Harry and Meghan want to be free of worries

Would-be parents love to dream of how best to welcome a new member in the family. However, Harry and Meghan missed out on such opportunities when Archie was born. Harry had to forego his paternity leave soon after Archie's birth. He had to fly out to the Netherlands to take care of some urgent work.

Vanity Fair adds at that time Meghan had to assign priority to activities associated with her work pertaining to an issue of British Vogue. She was also busy with designing a collection for Smart Works. These were creative ventures and provided opportunities to bring the best out of her. However, this time the couple wants to stay away from such disturbances and bask in the glory of the newcomer who would light up their lives. Incidentally, Meghan and Harry’s daughter will be the first royal baby born in America. It is possible that she could even be eligible to contest for the post of the president someday.

Meghan and Harry announced the news during the Oprah interview

The couple continues to impress others with the way they have been handling pressure.

When Meghan entered the royal family, she knew it would be an uphill task for her to gain acceptance. She was an American actor and like Harry, had youth on her side. The couple wanted to break free from the shackles and create an identity of their own. They have inked lucrative deals with Netflix and have stepped down from royal duties. They know they can call the shots. According to Fox News, Meghan and Harry made the announcement about the baby during their interview with Oprah Winfrey. They said their second child would be a girl. Once she arrives, the couple would take a long maternity and paternity leave. They missed these when Archie was born. It was due to various reasons, which they felt was more important.

They do not want to miss the opportunity this time. Harry was happy with the developments. His would be a happy family of four and their two dogs. Meghan wants to give birth in their Montecito, California home. Fox News quotes a source saying – “But she has a beautiful home in California, it’s a beautiful setting to give birth to her baby girl."