Disney World is a well-known name in the theme park industry. The setup of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, opened its doors to the public on October 1, 1971. It turned out to be an instant hit with Disney characters suddenly popping up to entertain the tourists. Within no time, it was a favorite Travel destination for the young and the old. Beginning with only one theme park, Magic Kingdom, it added three more.

These were Epcot in 1982, Hollywood Studios in 1989, and Animal Kingdom in 1998. In between, there came the water parks. The parks braved climatic disturbances and went ahead intending to offer a wide variety of options to the discerning traveler.

Disney is already a global name with its theme parks on three different continents. In March 2018, Disney theme parks became a part of Google Street View.

CNN quotes an expert saying Walt Disney World is a dominating force in the global attractions industry. In theme park circles, he is better known as Professor Roller Coaster. He went on to add that the opening of Disneyland in California back in 1955 convinced others that these were good investments.

Walt Disney World set a trend

Disney is an undisputed leader in the entertainment industry. The parks set the trend with their rides and associated infrastructure for the resort's development, transportation system, and dining experiences. They also developed unique ticket pricing and merchandising apart from conservation.

In recent times, coronavirus affected their activities. In September last year, Disney had to lay off many of its employees because of coronavirus. Subsequently, in May, Disneyland California reopened after a 13-month closure due to the pandemic. The 50th-anniversary party will be an affair that would go on for 18 months and cover all its theme parks.

Disney World started in 1971

Disney World is the largest theme park in the world. It covers an area of more than 40 square miles in central Florida. Beginning in 1971, it became an entertainment complex with a large variety of theme parks, waterparks, and golf courses. It is also a shopping destination and has resort hotels.

Amusement parks offer an opportunity for people of all ages to relax from their daily routine and let down their hair. These had been there for centuries, and Walt Disney infused life into them.

Gradually, it turned into a much-loved travel destination. Disneyland is an integral part of the American lifestyle. Visitors arrive at this place to relax in the company of fictional characters created by Disney.

Walt Disney selected the site in Orlando while flying over the area

In the mid-1960s, the area was swampy undeveloped land. Mary Demetree is from the area and is CEO of a real estate company that her father and uncle founded. She says, in those days, it was more of a cow town, and one could smell the orange blossoms.

The area appealed to Walt Disney while he conducted an aerial survey.

Mary's father and uncle had doubts over whether any buyer would want to acquire such a property. It seems Walt Disney did. It was a big moment for Florida. At a news conference in Orlando, Gov. Haydon Burns introduced the man who wanted to build a new image for central Florida.

When pressed by the governor to reveal his plans, Disney preferred to remain silent. He died a year later, and his brother Roy came forward to fulfill his vision.

Disney World changed the image of Florida. With the inclusion of hotels and more attractions, theme parks gradually transformed into vacation destinations. They became places where families could come to enjoy the open spaces and the range of entertainment on offer.