Encouraged by a reduction in the Coronavirus infection rate, San Francisco will allow certain businesses to restart. These would include restaurants that can reopen for outdoor dining. Other sectors would be hairstylists and barbers. They can provide limited service. However, there will be no change in curfew and Travel quarantine requirements. Mayor London Breed cautioned people to follow the safety guidelines like wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing, and frequent washing of their hands.

Her words are: “Just keep in mind that this is not an open door for us to all of a sudden let our hair down and do whatever we want.” The decision would be a shot in the arm for businesses that had to cope with enormous losses due to the pandemic.

The city's infection rate has also fallen to below one, as indicated by the Mayor, which is a positive sign.

San Francisco will keep the curfew in place. That will prohibit nonessential businesses and gatherings at night between specified timings. Travelers who arrive in the city from outside the Bay Area will have to quarantine for 10 days. This will help to check the spread of the disease. In September last year, there was a proposal for San Francisco Bay Area to retain the work-from-home option post-pandemic.

Businesses in San Francisco are hopeful

The authorities have identified businesses that could get permission to resume activities. These could include all personal services like massage and tattoo parlors.

Masks would be required. Zoos and museums can reopen, and hotels can take in tourists. In June 2017, Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay was identified as a cultural tourism hub.

City officials mentioned an inadequate supply of the vaccine. A recent scare on the city running out of vaccine has been shared, but that is no longer an issue.

The public health director confirmed a need for more vaccines and added his department expects to receive more doses this week. He even gave a breakdown of doses received and administered.

San Francisco was ready for a vaccine rollout in August

San Francisco was reopening despite reports of some new variant of the virus. Dr.

Colfax, the health director, assured that people should not panic but abide by the guidelines issued. These are the mask, social distancing, and personal hygiene. He added other Bay Area counties could follow the example of San Francisco and reopen soon.

The city was ready for a vaccine rollout in August. It had ordered the special refrigerators well in time. The virus originated in China at the beginning of 2020 and has taken a heavy toll on people worldwide. There are a few countries that have escaped from its clutches. In September 2018, robbers in San Francisco Bay area robbed a robbery reporting team.

The partial reopening of businesses in San Francisco

Mayor London Breed decided to reopen businesses after the Governor announced lifting the stay-at-home order.

She announced in a press conference and cautioned the people to take necessary precautions. The state has issued specific norms for different business categories to limit the number of people who may gather on different occasions.

The Health Department expresses confidence that things will improve once the vaccine continues to roll out. In the opinion of Dr. Grant Colfax, who heads the Department of Health, things are moving in the right direction. He attributed them to factors like hospital capacity and favored the gradual reopening of other sectors. The pandemic has ruined the movie industry, the travel industry, and those who depend on tourism for survival.