A review of the Megxit deal is on the cards for Harry and Meghan. The Prince planned to come to Britain, meet his grandmother, and discuss this deal's review. It was one he and Meghan made with the palace before they decided to step down from duties as senior royals. However, because of a fresh bout of coronavirus, Britain's authorities have reimposed lockdown in the country and a ban on non-essential Travel. The result is that the duo will have to wait for the situation to improve. They are now staying in California among Celebrities and are busy gaining financial independence through Netflix and Spotify deals.

In June, Harry and Meghan signed up with an agency to be on the speaking circuit.

Royal sources confirmed that Harry has yet to contact his grandmother about arranging a meeting on the Megxit deal. He could decide on the subject soon because the annual review of the agreement between the couple with the Palace is due on March 31. They had dropped a bombshell in January when they announced their intention of quitting their posts. The two of them now want an extension before the deal becoming permanent.

Meghan, Harry, and high-value deals in the corporate world

While in Britain after marriage, Harry and Meghan stayed in Frogmore Cottage. They had refurbished it to their liking and the cost incurred was quite high.

Once they stepped down, Harry and Meghan agreed to repay the amount because it was the taxpayers’ money. Harry was a fighter pilot who flew Apache helicopters and saw action in Afghanistan. One of his charities is the Invictus Games meant exclusively for disabled war veterans. It was in the Games of 2017 in Canada when the world saw Meghan for the first time.

She was an actor in the TV legal drama “Suits.” Harry has a soft corner for the men in uniform and is keen to retain his military appointments. Under the current arrangement, the couple still has royal patronages, including Meghan’s of the National Theatre. Incidentally, senior advisers are worried about the mega-money deals the couple has signed in the corporate world.

Seniors are examining them to ensure that they are in keeping with the Queen’s values.

A more permanent agreement is what Harry and Meghan want

According to Express UK, there was a meeting at Sandringham between Harry, Meghan, and senior royals in January last year. They included the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William, and the discussions were on the couple's post-royal life. They decided to have a review in March to check if the agreement's terms are still acceptable to both sides. It seems Harry and his wife want an extension to this 12-month review. They want an agreement that is more permanent to continue as non-working royals based in California. Harry and Meghan have already set their targets for 2021.

Prince Harry is keen to have a 12-month extension

Prince Harry has links to many charities. He would probably want to reconnect with them and regain his honorary military titles. Express UK adds that under the terms of the agreement, they can no longer use the word royal. Prince Harry has lost his three honorary military titles, which are not reassigned, to other royals. The Queen will fill them only at the end of the Megxit transition period. In observers' opinion, this is a way for the monarch to leave the door open if Harry decides to return to the fold. The couple is living in America with their son Archie and has their hands full with several lucrative projects. Meghan is from Los Angeles, and that is an advantage.