Last year, Meghan and Harry took a major decision due to several factors beyond their control. Meghan had already embraced motherhood by that time and the couple, with their son Archie, relocated to America after a brief halt in Canada. NBC News mentions that, subsequently, Meghan suffered a miscarriage and recently said she and Harry were expecting an addition to their family. However, they are set to lose their place in Britain's royal family because of their decision.

NBC News says Buckingham Palace made the announcement. It said Harry and Meghan would not return as working members of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II had talked to Harry before arriving at a decision. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex held honorary military appointments and royal patronages. These would revert to Her Majesty, and she would re-distribute them.

Harry and Meghan stepped down from royal duties

NBC News quotes a spokesperson for Harry and Meghan, saying the couple indicated they would remain committed to their duty and service worldwide, including Britain. They would continue to extend support to the organizations that they represent. It was an unforgettable journey for the couple because the wedding was one that embraced two cultures. However, disillusionment soon set in over sensitive issues like encroachment of privacy by the media.

Harry feels social media should play a more positive role in shaping society. The two of them were hemmed in from all sides. They decided to step down from royal duties. They wanted financial freedom.

Meghan and Harry search for a new identity

In January 2020, they disclosed their intention of parting ways with the royal family.

Their initial plan was to share their time between Britain and North America. They reached an agreement with the seniors to review the situation after a year. Once in America, they acquired a mansion among Celebrities in Santa Barbara. They wanted to bring up their son Archie as a private citizen. Coronavirus struck in the initial days of their arrival in America.

It led to lockdown and travel restrictions that hampered their freedom of movement. In June, Meghan and Harry signed with an agency to join the speaking circuit. In the meantime, they concluded lucrative deals with Spotify and Netflix. NBC News adds Meghan won a privacy lawsuit against a British media company. It related to a letter she wrote to her father. That was an example of how the media treated her. In July, she suffered a miscarriage and wrote about it in a popular news outlet.

Curtains for the royal life of Meghan and Harry

According to News AU, the Queen has finally drawn the line. It brings the curtain on the royal life of Meghan and Harry. They came from widely different backgrounds.

He was a fighter pilot who flew Apache helicopters and saw live action in Afghanistan. She was an American actor in the popular TV drama “Suits.” They met through a common friend and tied the knot. To gain acceptance from the family, Meghan modified her lifestyle. People loved her, but something snapped somewhere. Finally, they went into auto exiles last year and can no longer return to the royal family. The couple is young and wanted to break free from the shackles. Meghan and Harry had the confidence to make it big in life and gain financial independence. They have already inked a few high-value deals and have to begin a new life. The decision of Buckingham Palace means they would have to forego honorary military appointments and royal patronages. It turned out to be a tussle between the palace and the Sussexes. Both Harry and Meghan are working on a plan and appear to be gaining ground.