North Carolina faced the fury of tropical depression Fred. It brought along flash floods with tornadoes and mudslides. Travel became difficult with many roads either impassable or washed away. In fact, emergency officials in Haywood County had to travel by foot and ATVs to search for the people reported missing. There were 30 of them. The Sheriff said his department is investigating all aspects. Talking to a media section, he explained that the water level was rising faster than expected. Therefore, it became necessary to arrange for the rescue of those trapped in their homes.

There was also a need to provide additional assistance to the residents and the fire departments because rescue is not a one-man show.

In August 2018, flash floods on the East Coast led to the evacuation of residents and the closure of roads. Daily Mail UK adds that water rescue units launched a search for survivors in likely places like abandoned vehicles, homes, and buildings. The intention was to ensure everyone was accounted for.

Rafts brought in to rescue people trapped by the flash floods

The flash floods in North Carolina left many people stranded in their homes, and rafts were brought in to rescue several adults and a couple of children. The State Department of Transportation deployed its employees to provide round-the-clock service to help citizens in various activities.

Floods leave behind destruction, and this was no exception. Daily Mail UK mentions that the floods destroyed many homes, damaged vehicles, and washed out roads and bridges. Obviously, travel by road was difficult. Zeb Smathers is the Mayor of Canton. He saw businesses and homes completely submerged. An eyewitness reported seeing people being swept away by the floodwaters.

Transylvania County declared a state of emergency after heavy rainfall led to landslides and floods. In the words of Chairman Jason Chappell, it was the most intense flooding in the last two decades. Last month, flash floods in London disrupted lives and left people stranded.

Flash floods disrupted cell phone service and power supply

The authorities opened emergency shelters while the flash floods disrupted cell phone service and power supply.

These have become an integral part of our lives, and their non-availability is not easy to accept. Daily Mail UK adds tropical storm, Fred, downgraded to a tropical depression, dumped about 12 inches of rain in some parts of North Carolina. There were a number of tornado warnings. Because of the life-threatening floods, people were advised to evacuate to higher ground.

Floods mean loss of power and dumping of debris

According to ABC 11, storm Fred swept through North Carolina and left some regions flooded. The storm spawned a number of apparent tornadoes in Georgia. It also dumped heavy rains into the Appalachian Mountains and could cause flash floods into upstate New York. Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina issued the State of Emergency.

It was in response to the aftermath of the remnants of Fred when areas west of Asheville received up to one foot of rain. The intention was to save lives, restore power, remove debris and bring supplies. Disasters of this nature take a heavy toll on infrastructure, with bridges damaged and power lines down. The uprooted trees, mud, and rubble block the roads and add to the problems of the authorities. These debris have to be removed on priority to clear the roads to normal traffic. Grandfather Mountain State Park is a major attraction in the state, but its trails were flooded, and the level of water at stream crossings was dangerously high.