The venue of the Lunar New Year celebrations was London's Chinatown. Prince Charles and Camilla were there to participate in the festivities. This festival is an occasion to let the hair down and feast. It is also to honor household and heavenly deities apart from the ancestors. Spring Festival is another name for the festival. China, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Cambodia, the Philippines, etcetera celebrate this festival.

Both Prince Charles (73) and Camilla (74) sport red scarves. They were greeted by performers dressed in costumes that resembled dancing lions.

The royals are Celebrities and seem to be enjoying the occasion. The area was crowded, and there were food outlets. In addition, they observed a calligraphy demonstration.

During his visit, Prince Charles interacted with the local community

Both Prince Charles and Camilla met members of the local community. People revealed they conversed on different subjects. Prince Charles talked about hate crimes while Camilla visited the Chinese Information and Advice Centre. The Prince is interested in Chinese arts and culture. He and Camilla had visited Chinatown to mark Chinese New Year on a previous occasion. That was in February 2015. Later, during a tour in 2017, the couple visited countries in South-East Asia.

These included Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei.

The message of Prince Charles

Prince Charles passed on a message to those celebrating Lunar New Year. It was: "My wife and I would like to wish a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to all those in China – and everyone celebrating the new Lunar Year across the world." He went on to add that there must be efforts to create a better future for the coming generations.

To achieve that, it is necessary to modify our lifestyle. We have to work so that there is harmony with Nature and the planet. He is the heir apparent to the throne and is worried about climate change.

During COP26, Prince Charles delivered the opening address. He is aware of the climatic disorders worldwide that lead to the loss of habitats and lives apart from damage to infrastructures.

These disturb the ecological balance, and there have to be efforts to eliminate the causes. Greenhouse gases lead to global warming, and fossil fuels generate these gases. Hence, one option is to encourage alternate fuels. Many countries are promoting electric vehicles in a big way. The bottom line is to pass down a healthy world that the future generation can be proud of.