The royal couple of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are busy penning their thoughts. They have concluded a $20 million deal with Penguin Random House. The Book deal covers four titles, and one of these is the memoir of Harry. He is already busy with it. Meghan will have one of hers. Harry indicated his desire to write about everything from his childhood days to his experiences in the public eye. It would include his life as a husband to Meghan, an American actor.

They met through a common friend, and people saw Meghan for the first time at the Invictus Games 2017 in Toronto.

Harry’s memoir would also include his life as a father to his son Archie and daughter Lili. The U.S. publication house reveals the pair would write together and separately.

The Cosmopolitan U.K. quotes the publishing house saying: "We’re told Markle and Harry will team up for a book that is described as being focused on 'leadership and philanthropy.'" Both are young, want to remain active in the world, and have stepped down from royal duties. Their wedding received global media coverage. Once Meghan entered the royal family, she modified her lifestyle. She discarded many of her likes and embraced a new culture befitting the royals. They stayed at Frogmore Cottage, got it renovated but finally decided to step down from royal duties.

They relocated to America and now stay in Santa Barbara among Celebrities.

Meghan could write a 'wellness book' and a memoir

Harry and Meghan want to break into the world of books. The Cosmopolitan U.K. mentions two possible topics Meghan could choose. One of these could be a book on wellness, and the other could be her memoir.

She is already a published author. Her previous nook was for children and named “The Bench.” It started as a poem she wrote for her husband Harry on Father’s Day. The timing was soon after their son Archie was born, and the poem became this story. The book of Meghan drew inspiration from the poem she penned for Harry.

The subject of 'wellness' is not new to Meghan

Meghan is not new to writing. The Cosmopolitan U.K. says she used to edit a lifestyle site. There, she used to share “wellness” tips. She could begin from where she left off. The couple can handle topics like leadership and philanthropy with ease. They have experience working royals and have a nonprofit charity organization Archewell, named after their son. Its purpose is to unite and uplift communities. In March last year, Meghan and Harry began to explore options available after becoming non-royals. Fortunately, they managed to conclude some high-value deals like the one with Netflix. It announced the first TV series of Harry and Meghan.

Multi-book deal for Meghan and Harry

According to Vanity Fair, the memoir of Harry would be in two parts. The first of these would release in late 2022. He is working on it. The second part would see the light of day after the death of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. The couple has inked a multi-book high-value deal with a reputed publisher. In his memoir, Harry highlights various aspects of life when one has to grow up in a royal family.

As to Meghan, she already has a book to her name. It is a children’s book. She now wants to try her hand at writing her memoir. She is an outspoken woman and has political ambitions. Both of them are in their 30s. They have seen life from close quarters and enjoy a different type of bonding with those around them.

Meghan was an actor in the TV legal drama "Suits" Harry was a fighter pilot who saw live action in Afghanistan. He started the Invictus Games for disabled war veterans to encourage them. Obviously, his and Meghan's mindset might not match that of others.