Prince William is an expert pilot and loves to fly in a helicopter with his wife Kate and the children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. That is now a worry for Her Majesty. A media report says she is "terrified" that an accident could happen. That would threaten William's succession to the throne. Therefore, she has urged her grandson to stop the practice of flying helicopters with Kate and their children. There is already an unwritten rule that forbids senior royals from flying together. The royals follow this precaution.

Mirror UK reveals that the protocol was relaxed as the family of Prince William grew bigger.

That meant they had to hop between London and Norfolk and opted for the helicopter. It is a 115 miles journey from their London home at Kensington Palace to Anmer Hall in Norfolk. Since William is a pilot, he flew the copter. It seems a source close to the Queen revealed the worries of Her Majesty. She shared it with her grandson William. This is because Prince Charles (73) is next in line to the throne after the Queen. Then comes Prince William (39) followed by his eldest son Prince George (8). It seems she wants William to avoid flying in bad weather. In her opinion, helicopters are not a safe form of transport and there could be a disaster. In December 2020, Prince William and Kate used the Royal Train to travel and thank heroes of coronavirus.

The Queen knows William is a capable pilot

One royal helicopter was involved in a couple of near misses. It led to a major probe and worries for the Queen. She confided to her close friends and courtiers that William should stop flying himself, especially when the weather is bad. She knows William is a capable pilot, but in a worst-case scenario, it could spark a constitutional crisis.

This worry gives her sleepless nights. Mirror UK adds that the Queen thinks the full family of five flying together is risky. Her grandson and his wife have bright futures ahead and something bad happening to them "doesn't bear thinking about."

William is a qualified pilot

Prince William qualified as a pilot in 2010. He graduated from RAF and made rescues in Sea King helicopters.

Later, he qualified as a captain in 2012 and was a pilot for an Air Ambulance from 2015-2017. At present, he flies in his helicopter with his wife and three children. They have a crew and pilot but, at times, William takes over the controls. The Queen flies in her Sikorsky S-76 helicopter. Mirror UK mentions about a couple of incidents associated with her helicopter. One related to some fault in September. In the same month, there was a cancellation because of bad weather. Some other members of the royal family also had troubles with helicopters. There are rumors that Kate and William are trying to relocate nearer Windsor. That way they could be nearer the Queen and schools for their children.

Thar would also eliminate the need for flying in a helicopter.

William and Kate flew with their kids to Jordan for a holiday

According to Express UK, the Christmas card for 2021 of Prince William and Kate shows the family of five holidaying in Jordan. They had flown together in the same plane. This violates an unwritten rule regarding senior royals flying together. Princes Charles, William and George are heirs to the throne. They should never fly in the same plane or helicopter. That would protect the line to the throne. The Queen expressed concerns over William riding in helicopters. Her worries are genuine because there have been instances in the past involving these flying machines and members of the royal family. These were a near crash with a glider and a near collision with a plane carrying parachutists.