The BBC has always been close to the royal family, but it has fallen out of favor now. This is because of a new documentary related to members of the family. Prince William and Kate had planned for a Christmas concert, and they decided to permit a rival channel to broadcast it. The BBC had aired a program about the relationship between the media and the brothers William and Harry. Its name was "The Princess and the Press." It did not go down well with the Royals.

A joint statement from the royals has slammed the contents of the program. It was a sensitive issue, and the media aired the first part earlier this week.

The contents contained allegations and suggestions that were difficult to prove. It seems mystery surrounds the source of these disclosures. There is a second part of this program. The three royal houses commented on the issue. In their words: "A free, responsible and open press is of vital importance to a healthy democracy." They are Celebrities and have added that it becomes disappointing when there is a distortion of facts. Prince William and his wife Kate would visit the United States in 2022 on an image-building mission.

William retaliated by extending favors to another media outlet

Prince William felt hurt at the behavior of the channel that had always worked closely with the royal family.

William and Kate planned to host a festive show broadcast from Westminster Abbey, featuring their children. In view of the actions of the BBC, the future King of Britain decided to entrust the broadcasting to ITV. Industry watchers described it as a "coup" because ITV got prominence at the expense of the BBC. The change happened within the last few days.

It was a fallout of the row over the documentary. BBC chairman Richard Sharp clarified: "We have tremendous respect for all aspects of the royal family in what they undertake and do." He added that there could be occasions when the programs might not match the expectations of different parts of the establishment. Kensington Palace has not publicly commented on the reports.

This year William and Kate could be at Sandringham

Last year, Coronavirus forced a low-key celebration of Christmas by the Queen. The main reason was the social distancing restrictions in place across Britain. This year, the threat perception is low. Hence, Christmas this year could be a royal family affair. With a majority of restrictions lifted, the Queen is determined to host her loved ones in Sandringham. She has already communicated that she is feeling much better, after suffering a bout of ill health. She would welcome her family members for Christmas at Sandringham.

Christmas could see Prince William meet Prince Harry

This Christmas will be the first time Her Majesty will meet with her extended family after a long delay due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The plan is for her to travel to Norfolk for this year's festivities. She would take a flight from Windsor on December 17. She has recovered after a brief period of illness. The doctors advised her to rest for at least two weeks. Elle mentions rumors that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan could travel back to the UK for Christmas. Their children Archie and Lili could accompany them. Such a visit would be the first-time members of the royal family would meet Lili following her birth. It would also provide an opportunity for William to meet his brother Harry.