Prince Harry opened up about social media and made some comments to a monthly business magazine. In an interview with this media outlet, he advised Silicon Valley to be more responsible. He told the tech giants that their motivation should be through a positive approach. Harry blamed social media for the US Capitol riot and the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. It has the power to influence the thinking of the masses, and people should use it judiciously. In his opinion, there should be reforms in the tech world. He also said he and his wife Meghan want to be part of “the human experience” and not “a human experiment.” Right now, none of them has any direct link to social media platforms.

They are busy with podcasts on Spotify and shows on Netflix. Harry and Meghan wanted financial independence and have chalked out their strategies. They hope to rejoin social platforms at the right time.

Harry and Meghan passed through trying times soon after their marriage because of the social media. He admits things have changed. In February, the two of them visited Stanford and interacted with the senior staff. Stanford has strong ties to Silicon Valley. The couple quit royal life and are believed to be making good money. That might not have been possible if they had remained with the royal family.

Harry says social media can influence society

Prince Harry said social media has the power and reach to leave a positive impact on society.

Therefore, those who manage these platforms have to be extra cautious about what they report and how. Prince Harry mentioned some recent incidents are examples of the harm that can happen globally. He mentions the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and genocide and violence against the Rohingya people in Myanmar.

He cautions that misinformation can play havoc as was seen in the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. It became an environmental and global health issue. Harry planned to visit Britain but shelved it because of a ban on non-essential travel due to COVID-19.

Spend less time online is the advice of Harry

Prince Harry talked about the attack on democracy in the United States.

It was the result of violent extremism stoked by social media. He did not name any specific platform but advised people to spend less time online. Harry suggests people can do a fact-check of the source of information. That can help them to understand the situation better and arrive at a balanced judgment. Harry and Meghan have an Instagram account under the name of “Archewell” and now stay in California with their son, Archie. Their mansion is in Santa Barbara, home of Celebrities. Prince Harry and Megan Markle have already set their targets for 2021.

Meghan and Harry have multi-million dollar deals with Netflix and Spotify

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have bagged high-value deals with Netflix and Spotify.

They have linked up with Oprah Winfrey. In the opinion of royal expert Katie Nicholl, the couple could soon move into a “billion-dollar brand." She explains the relationship between William and Harry is improving. It is better this year compared to last year. She expects the four of them will come together for the unveiling of Diana’s statue. Princess Diana loved forget-me-nots, and Harry and Meghan planted them in a school in Los Angeles. Royal biographer Duncan Larcombe told a media outlet that Harry and Meghan were galloping at a fast pace. He compared William and Harry and said 50 million watch the younger brother promote a product while a handful watch the elder do a royal engagement.