Everything you need to know before you go, including the latest travel tips, trends and news about your favorite destinations


Whether you’re planning a trip to an exotic getaway, your favorite beach or even a popular tourist destination, this is the place for the insider tips, up to the minute news and everything you need to know to travel like a pro.

Family vacations are better for everyone if you prepare the right way, so you’ll find information about the top family destinations in the United States and abroad, from Disney World to the Grand Canyon (road trip!). You’ll also find tips for traveling with kids, packing and for making memories that will last a lifetime.

For world travelers, we’ve got the scoop on exotic destinations, up to the minute news, tips and trends for the single vagabond, from the right way to visit an onsen bath house in Japan (tip, keep your towel on your head) to tricks you’ll need to deter pickpockets on the streets of Paris or Rome. You’ll also get the scoop on what you need to do before you go to ensure your trip is the best it can be, no matter where you are heading.

Adventure travelers will find what they need to know to plan the trip of a lifetime, from determining whether a tour or cruise is an ideal starting place to spotlighting some of the most exciting destinations around. If you dream of kayaking a classic American river, taking a zipline though a lively Costa Rica forest or dog-sledding before a night in an igloo, we’ve got the details you need to make those dreams a reality.

We also know vacations aren’t just for one type of traveler. Whether you are traveling with a child with special needs, have dietary concerns or want to make sure you are choosing a safe destination for solo or senior travel, you can count on us for up to the minute details to enhance your trip and plans.

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