BetterUp is a firm that handles professional coaching associated with subjects like mental health. Prince Harry, who holds an important position in the firm, spoke on job resignations against the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic. In his opinion, working during the coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on the workforce. As a result, many of them resigned due to their inability to bear the mental stress. Harry said that those who took this route assigned priority to their mental health and their action deserves celebration.

Harry describes it as an awakening

Prince Harry (37), a father of two, stepped back from being a senior working royal and opted for a fresh start in the United States. He made the comments in the role of chief impact officer of BetterUp. He felt many people worldwide were engaged in different types of work but were not satisfied with what they were doing. In his words, they "would have been stuck in jobs that didn't bring them joy." That could be the start of an awakening. However, a section of the people realized the need to look after their mental health and left their jobs. Prince Harry became a part of BetterUp as Chief Impact Officer in California in March.

The role of Harry at BetterUp is important

BetterUp is valued at $4.7 billion. Its activities involve product strategy, philanthropy, and public advocacy related to mental health.

Harry's role at the San Francisco-based BetterUp includes issues related to mental health. He has a weakness in this subject. One of his observations is the plight of people stuck in jobs that do not bring them joy.

They want to break out and do not mind prioritizing their mental health and happiness. Incidentally, Prince William had once felt "like the whole world was dying." It was that stage in his life when he struggled as an air ambulance pilot.

Prince Harry has stirred a hornet's nest

According to the Express UK, the recent speech of Prince Harry vis-à-vis people quitting their jobs and coronavirus has stirred a hornet's nest.

There is a noticeable spike in online interest on resigning from work. In an interview with Fast Company, Harry said the massive wave of resignations seen in recent times indicates that society needs a change. It is assigning importance to mental health and happiness. Harry believes this change in perspective has been there even before the pandemic struck.

Express UK adds that a quarter of UK employees have plans to change employers in the near future. Victoria Short is CEO at Randstad UK, a recruitment firm. He said: "The pandemic has changed how some people think about life, work, and what they want out of both. It's made people step back and rethink their lives."