Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, marked his second birthday on May 6. His parents shared one of his photographs that shows him standing in a garden. His back is to the camera, and he holds a bunch of balloons. Harry and Meghan shared it on their Archewell website. They used the occasion to promote the concept of vaccination against Covid. This disease is assuming alarming proportions and becoming a serious matter for the whole world, especially the developing nations.

The BBC says members of the royal family send birthday messages to Archie.

They included the Queen apart from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, his grandparents the Prince of Wales, and the Duchess of Cornwall. Archie is right now living with his parents in California. This is because Harry and Meghan had decided to step back as senior royals. They relocated to America after a brief stay in Canada. To celebrate his first birthday, Archie's parents released a video of Meghan reading a popular children's book to her son.

Harry and Meghan links the name of Archie to GAVI

On their Archewell foundation website, Harry and Meghan thanked the people who had donated to charities in honor of Archie last year. They encouraged people to extend support to GAVI, the global vaccine alliance.

In October 2019, a documentary aired in the UK about Harry, Meghan, and Archie.

The BBC quotes the couple saying - "We will not be able to truly recover until everyone, everywhere, has equal access to the vaccine." They also sent open letters to the major vaccine manufacturers. The intention was to impress upon them the need to extend all-out support for the UN-sponsored Covax program.

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It was important to ensure that the doses reach those who live in the poorer parts of the world.

Archie rarely appears in public

Harry and Meghan have given very little exposure to Archie.

Last December, he made a brief appearance in the first podcast of his parents for Spotify. It seems his accent appeared to be more like an American. This might not be strange given the fact that Meghan was brought up in Los Angeles, and Archie has spent a greater part of his life in America. His parents have a home in Santa Barbara, where many Celebrities live.

In June 2019, Harry and Meghan visited Africa and hinted they wanted to bring up Archie as a private citizen. The BBC makes a mention of Meghan's new book. It would be about the bonding between a father and a son. She drew inspiration from the bond between Archie and Harry. Incidentally, in February, they disclosed about their second child.

Harry had recently been to Britain to attend the funeral of his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh. Meghan did not accompany him but stayed back in California on the advice of her doctor.

Archie celebrates his second birthday in California

According to USA Today, Archie celebrated his second birthday with his parents in California, far away from his royal relatives. They released a black-and-white picture of Archie on their website. It seems the toddler now has more hair than in previous photos. There is no disclosure about his birthday celebrations. However, since pandemic restrictions still exist in California, it could be an indoor party. Archie is set to become a big brother soon. Harry and Meghan have a busy schedule ahead as they have concluded attractive deals with Netflix and Spotify.

They would produce a wide variety of entertainment programs. It is the route they have chosen to gain financial independence. This weekend Harry and Meghan would appear in a live, star-studded concert Vax Live as campaign chairs.