A winter storm could hit New York City and leave behind up to six inches of snow. Meteorologists and forecasters confirm this and cautioned people in the Northeast to be prepared to face considerably harsh winter weather. Friday morning might turn out to be the coldest morning of the winter, and everyone must take precautions for safety. These are climatic disturbances and could pose dangers to lives and properties. In the words of an official of AccuWeather – "As we see it at this early stage, the heaviest snow ranging from 12-18 inches with the potential for locally double amounts." It has identified a couple of most likely corridors.

These are parts of the I-81 corridor in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the I-84 corridor in New York State.

New York City is currently on target for snowfall that would keep with its seasonal average snowfall. This works out to around 10.6inches. However, the approaching winter storm could upset all calculations. Weathermen predict nearly double snowfall in the city compared to the winter of 2020-21. The nature of snow would be dry and powdery instead of the wet snow that fell on the East Coast in mid-December. The origin of the storm lies in the Pacific disturbance of the Western United States. In March 2018, there were fears that a snowstorm in the New York region could paralyze life.

Residents of New York City have to be alert

In forecasters' opinion, the disturbance's direction could be moving eastwards toward the Rocky Mountain over the next few days. Ultimately, it will emerge into the Central Plains states early. That could happen over the weekend. The system could amplify and grow in strength as the winter storm moves in the Ohio Valley direction.

A high latitude block is at present hanging over Southeast Canada. These high latitude blocks retard movement in the atmosphere. The result could lead to strong winter weather in the Northeast states.

Consequently, there would be cold air in the areas with the approaching storm. The drop in temperatures could reach single digits and go below zero degrees in the Tri-State area.

In March 2017, there was a report that when mega snow dumps on New York, the subway still runs.

Travel in New York City would be treacherous

According to CNN, this winter has not seen too much snowfall in some places in the Northeast. That could change because of forecasts that indicate a wintry mix in New York City. There is a winter weather advisory in place for the city with snowfall amounts of around an inch. This could make Travel treacherous. Moreover, the accumulation of ice on trees and power lines could lead to disruption of power, and Renewable Energy availability might come in handy. Those who have such a provision can heave a sigh of relief. This entire season, there has been less snowfall in and around New York City.

Many Northeast areas along the Interstate 95 corridor can expect to witness snowfall once again because of the present situation.

Less snowfall in New York City linked to warmer temperatures on the East Coast

Apart from New York City, there is Boston, which is also having deficit snowfall. It seems January 2021 has been the least snowy January on record for Boston. Similarly, for Philadelphia and Portland, Maine. CNN quotes a meteorologist saying - "Cities in upstate New York that are known for snow are well below normal." Experts believe this to be a La Niña pattern and could continue for the rest of the season. Temperature is a factor. This year, there are warmer than average temperatures for the entire East Coast. These have links to irregular patterns of the climate and global warming. Climate change and rising seas could flood New York City, and it needs a sea wall.