This year Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, will celebrate her 40th birthday twice. Her actual birthday is on 9 January. The celebration on this day would be a low-key affair with her family. However, the main celebration would be in June. That way, it will coincide with the birthday of her husband Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. He also will be turning 40 and this would be on a larger scale.

Kate took this decision because of the current Coronavirus situation. The contagious nature of this disease has forced people to avoid large gatherings.

Crowded venues allow the infection to spread and be avoided to the extent possible. That will ensure the safety of the people.

The 39th birthday of Kate was during lockdown

Last year also Kate Middleton had to go in for a simple program. That was because of the lockdown imposed due to the virus. Prince William arranged a tea party with their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The year before that was 2020. At that time, Kate hosted some of her closest friends at their country home in Norfolk.

According to Express UK, a reliable source revealed the Queen would figure prominently in the planning of the party for William. In the source's opinion, the Queen enjoys occasions like this, and the program she has in mind would be no different.

Moreover, this happens to be her Platinum Jubilee year. It is a coincidence that both William and Kate are turning 40 this year. That is all the more reason to celebrate. The venue could be either Windsor Castle or Sandringham. Incidentally, in 2022 will see William and Kate travel to the United States.

It will be a quiet 40th birthday for Kate

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, turns 40 this Sunday, but she decided to make it a simple one.

She has the interest of others uppermost in her mind. Therefore, given the rising threat of COVID, she ditched plans of any party. However, her husband William is also turning 40 this year in June. The danger may reduce by then. That will open the doors for the two to have a joint celebration on a bigger scale. Kate and William are Celebrities and have a huge fan following.

They would have liked to share the moment with them, but the worries of coronavirus remain a hurdle.

Kate could be center stage for something bigger

Prince William is second in the line of succession to the throne. He is also a helicopter pilot and a favorite of the Queen. However, she had expressed concerns over William flying the helicopter with Kate and their children. This is her Platinum Jubilee year, and she is keen to link it up with the year both Kate and William turn 40. She looks at it as an extra excuse to celebrate.

Kate could join William center stage. It would be a big occasion for the Cambridges and should be quite an impressive party. There is no information on whether Prince Harry, his wife Meghan, and children Archie and Lilibet would join the family.

They are now in the United States, and in case they decide to join, it would be a memorable get-together because the seniors in the family have not yet met Lilibet. Last year, there was a lockdown, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went to their official social media account to thank their well-wishers. Their message was: "Birthdays have been very different in recent months, and our thoughts continue to be with all those working on the front line at this hugely challenging time."