The crisis of migrants rears its head again. It seems nearly 1,000 of them made the journey across the English Channel from France to the U.K. They consisted of men, women and children who wanted to relocate to Britain due to various reasons. The previous high of migrants was 828, and it was on 21 August. The Home Office is unable to confirm whether the record was broken. Improvement in weather conditions could be a factor for this increase.

Lifeboat teams were there to bring the groups ashore. They included a baby and several young children. Authorities of Border Force and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) escorted them to safety from the Channel to Dover.

The waters were calm and the weather pleasant. These might have influenced their decision.

French authorities on alert for the crossing of migrants

The migrants keep arriving, and authorities of Britain and France have to take care of the children and babies accompanying the elders. Kent-based RNLI teams picked up a small boat packed with a large group of migrants at Dungeness. There are dangers in the trip across the Channel, and the migrants ignore the threats to reach Britain at whatever cost. A group of more than 150 arrived at the port of Dover in Kent. They came from France and had children and even toddlers in the group. Sky News mentions an instance of people coming over on an inflatable boat that had suffered engine damage.

The arrival of migrants in Britain on the rise

The latest arrival of migrants this year is more than 12,500. They have crossed into Britain using small boats. A news agency said last year, the number of migrants who crossed the Channel was around 8,400. Britain wants to discourage such practices where people put their lives at stake to reach Britain.

Priti Patel is the Home Secretary. She wants to make the route "unviable" for illegal migrants. Sky News goes on to add that the Home Secretary wants to increase prison sentences for illegal migrants. For those who "facilitate" such crossings, she wants a life sentence.

In November last year, Britain and France concluded an agreement on migrants crossing the Channel.

Intense police patrolling on beaches could deter migrants

London and Paris arrived at a deal to increase patrolling of their beaches last month. That could act as a deterrent for illegal migrants. Both the countries agreed on improved intelligence sharing apart from the introduction of improved technology to target people who are the mastermind behind the crossings. The government is considering legal measures to tackle the menace. One aspect is an overhaul of asylum rules for would-be migrants. Campaigners and charities have urged the government to create safer routes and schemes for asylum seekers and refugees.