Variety is the spice of life and Japan has introduced Pokémon-themed airplanes to boost tourism. The Pokémon Company has conceived this idea in consultation with various regions of Japan. This company owns and licenses the characters and it wants to promote tourism, which has taken a severe beating due to Coronavirus. It expects 2021 to bring back the charms of flying and set the ball rolling. That is why Solaseed Airlines conducted the maiden flight of a Pokémon-painted plane on December 19. The flight was from Miyazaki City on the island of Kyushu to the capital Tokyo.

It seems there could be many more such flights. The vibrant colors on its body appear to be a masterstroke to attract eyeballs.

CNN says such colorful airplanes are a step to revive the Travel and tourism sectors after coronavirus devastated them. These are money earners because a whole lot of businesses like hotels, restaurants, tour operators depend on the inflow of tourists. However, the travel restrictions imposed by different countries led to a drastic fall in the movement of people. Japan pins its hopes on Pokémon to change the scenario. It would be a novel concept and could appeal to the sentiments of the people. In March, Japan canceled its major cherry blossom festival because of coronavirus.

Japan wants to promote the Pokémon idea

The Pokémon Company has already chosen eight prefectures to join its partnership. Miyazaki is the eighth member. CNN elaborates that each of these prefectures has its own unique Pokémon. The chosen one for Miyazaki is Exeggutor. He looks very much like the phoenix palm tree popular in this location.

In contrast, Hokkaido has the Alolan Vulpix that is suitable for cold weather, which is normal in the northern snowy region. Another prefecture is Fukushima and its symbol is the pink-colored Chansey. Its strength is the power of healing.

Pokémon could be a useful tool for Japan

The Pokémon theme would be on the exterior of the airplane as well as its interior covering the upholstery, head rests etcetera.

A section of the passengers could get special Exeggutor gifts like pens and stickers. Incidentally, there are plans to run Exeggutor-themed buses in Miyazaki City. CNN assures that these Pokémon-themed planes and buses would operate throughout 2021. Thailand has done something similar by painting their liveries with popular characters of a TV show. Japan's ANA has used “Star Wars” droids on some of its airplanes. In May 2019, there were concerns about sand graffiti by foreign tourists on the Tottori beach of Japan.

Going off the beaten track could help Japan

The travel industry was badly hit by the coronavirus and in order to keep up their spirits, many countries experimented with new concepts.

One of these is the travel bubble that ensures quarantine free movement between two countries that have successfully checked the spread of the virus. New Zealand and Australia have plans for such a travel bubble in 2021. Singapore Airlines evolved a different strategy by converting two of its stationary A380 superjumbo airplanes to restaurants to allow fliers to get back the feel of flying. The bottom line for them is to remain visible. According to Japan Today, Pokemon has a global identity with a worldwide fan base. It originated in Japan and has high visibility in its native country. There are Pokemon toys and video games and now there will be airplanes with the same theme. The first flight of Solaseed Air’s Exeggutor plane from Miyazaki to Tokyo flew on Dec. 19. On this occasion, travelers received special commemorative certificates and souvenirs. On the same day, three Pokemon buses also took to the streets heralding a new era of travel in Japan.