Work on protecting the environment would get a boost through the Earthshot Prize that Prince William launched last year with Sir David Attenborough. Those who have done exemplary work to cover different aspects of tackling climate change can hope to get the rewards. The objective is to inspire leaders who are attempting to solve environmental challenges that the world faces. These range from droughts and wildfires to hurricanes, cyclones, melting of glaciers, to sea-level rise. People lose their habitats, and wildlife perishes in the fires, and infrastructure suffers damages.

Then there are the evils of plastic pollution. The world has to address each of these issues to preserve the planet for future generations.

Sky News reports that London would be the venue. The awards ceremony would be at Alexandra Palace on October 17 this year. Prince William announced these details. It will be a Nobel-style environmental prize. The objective would be to identify and recognize those who come up with innovative solutions to counter the ill effects of climate change. There will be wide global coverage of the event. In December last year, Prince William and Kate took the Royal Train to travel and thank the coronavirus heroes.

Climate change is on the agenda of Prince William

Prince William made a mention of the recent COP26 conference in Glasgow.

That and the inaugural awards of the Earthshot Prize in London reveals the seriousness Britain attaches to the issue of climate change. Prince William announced that London would be the first host city of the awards. Sky News says Kensington Palace would reveal details of the program. There would be leading artists who would perform on occasion.

The awards would go to the 15 finalists and the 5 winners. Each of them would receive monetary awards. The judges would consist of Prince William and some Celebrities. They would include well-known environmentalists Sir David Attenborough and Queen Rania of Jordan, Cate Blanchett, and Shakira. The last two are from the world of entertainment.

Prince William has made a start

Over the years, people have inflicted severe damages to the environment. Prince William has taken upon himself a major responsibility. He wants to convince the people to change their attitude and take steps to repair the damages. That is the reason he launched the Earthshot Prize. He wants to encourage people to evolve strategies that would help protect the environment. Sky News says the Earthshot Prize will be divided into five main categories. These would be identified as the "Earthshot goals." Names of the finalists for the inaugural year will be known in July. The word Earthshot draws inspiration from the "Moonshot" speech of President John F Kennedy that became the starting point for the American space race.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “The Earthshot Prize: London 2021 is an unprecedented opportunity to inspire all Londoners and people around the world to be part of this global effort to repair our planet."

Earthshot Prize can make a difference feels Prince William

According to Daily Mail UK, Sir David Attenborough has extended support to the project of Prince William from the beginning. Sir David is a member of the Earthshot Prize council and will be among the judges to choose the winners. This global environmental competition will run for a decade and the prize money is attractive. In addition, there would be TV coverage of the event. It would feature a section of performers who are committed to repairing our planet.

That is the most important task ahead for the project visualized by Prince William. Those who care for the welfare of the environment will project to the world a few game-changing solutions to repair our planet.