E-scooters could become a new mode of transport for the people of London. The scooter could help reduce pollution and create a better environment. The city would permit its residents to use e-scooters from June 7. An official said the authorities had selected some e-scooter rental firms to conduct trials in the city next month. CNBC has identified the operators, and they would be involved in the trials for 12 months. The list includes a U.S. firm, a German firm, and a Dutch firm.

Areas in and around London have been demarcated for the trials with a few restrictions.

The rates are awaiting finalization. Last year, Britain's government had indicated its plans to expedite the rollout of e-scooter rental trials across the country. The intention was to motivate the people to go in for a mode of Travel that would be a healthier option and would be environment friendly. This is an important factor because of global warming caused by greenhouse gases from fossil fuels. Climate change has assumed importance, and e-scooters could be an alternative to cars and public transport because they eliminate fossil fuels. In July 2018, Britain had proposed to make electric car charge points mandatory in homes.

E-scooters in London have to meet certain criteria

Legally, these e-scooters cannot operate on British roads or pavements.

However, licensed operators have permission to operate them in a number of cities and regions. CNBC adds that there would be extensive trials all over the country to assess various aspects of e-scooters. Those who opt for this form of transport have to adhere to some rules associated with speed, visual and audible systems, etc.

These are to ensure that the vehicle does not contribute to accidents.

Death from a collision with an e-scooter in London

In 2019, a woman on an e-scooter collided with a lorry in London. She lost her life. That was a reason for the legalization of e-scooters. It has given rise to safety concerns from campaigners. CNBC says, in the opinion of a section of the authorities, e-scooters could become a nuisance.

In some cities, these have been misused. An official of Transport for London TfL said: "Safety remains our number one priority, and we will work closely with the e-scooter operators, London Councils, and the boroughs." She added that this would ensure there is no relaxation of the rigorous standards. She is Helen Sharp, TfL's e-scooter trial lead.

Designated parking bays for London e-scooters

Local authorities will participate in the London trials. Their responsibility would be to arrange for suitable parking bays for the e-scooters. Simultaneously, they must provide geo-fencing technology. The purpose of this would be to act as a deterrent for riders who might have plans to take the vehicles beyond the approved areas.

CNBC mentions a couple of approved London e-scooter operators who are not a part of this exercise. One of them has expressed disappointment at its exclusion and commented that many selected have limited experience. This could be a matter of concern.

E-scooters meant only for roads and cycle paths of London

According to Standard UK, local authorities in London plan to launch a trial of rental e-scooters in June. It will be the first time these vehicles would take to the roads of the capital legally. It is a common sight on streets and pavements for private users. Data released by the police reveal the involvement of this mode of transport in crimes like assaults, burglaries, and anti-social activities. There have also been accidents. As a precautionary measure, riders have to undergo an online safety course before their first hire.