The international Travel scenario, post Coronavirus, is improving. America has finally decided to lift the travel ban and reopen its borders. It comes as a huge relief to Americans stranded in different parts of the world because of restrictions associated with the virus. In order to celebrate the occasion, two rival airlines took off from Heathrow at the same time. The airlines are British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Both flights took off from parallel runways at the London airport and headed to JFK in New York. Travelers and businesses can now heave a sigh of relief and welcome the pre-pandemic days.

The celebration was to mark the end of the U.S. travel ban for fully vaccinated passengers from the U.K.. It was an ordeal of nearly two years for travelers intending to go to the U.S.. The reasons for restrictions stemmed from the contagious nature of the disease. The reopening would boost business prospects for those related to the travel industry. It would also allow travelers to undertake transatlantic flights for long-awaited reunions with their near and dear ones.

In May, Mayor Bill de Blasio indicated New York City would reopen post coronavirus by July 1.

American borders reopen, and people are happy

Relatives who had been unable to travel to the U.S. are happy that America has decided to reopen its borders.

People worldwide paid a heavy price for coronavirus, a disease that had its origins in China. America has now lifted travel restrictions from many countries. These include Canada and Mexico. Travelers from the E.U. are also taking flights to the U.S., especially from France. Australia has plans to reopen its international borders by Christmas.

Vaccines helped America to reopen

An official of a Paris-based travel agency says: "We went from zero activity to one that is similar to October 2019 levels, so before COVID." The agency specializes in trips to North America.

Another official described the reopening as a "significant moment." Former U.S. President Donald Trump had imposed travel restrictions on several countries when the virus struck. That vaccines have succeeded in bringing back normalcy to the lives of the people. Airlines are happy. There is a substantial increase in the number of flights operating between the U.K.

and U.S. this month. It is a favorable sign after more than 600 days of the pandemic.

The U.S. to reopen land borders with Canada and Mexico

America is set to reopen its land borders with Canada and Mexico. It will benefit those who have taken the complete vaccination. Many migrants have arrived in areas along the US-Mexico border. They are keen to take advantage of the newly relaxed rules. Businesses along the Mexican border are waiting for good times after facing the struggle under Covid restrictions. Former President Donald Trump imposed travel limitations in March 2020. These have affected non-U.S. citizens from several countries, including the U.K. and E.U.. It resulted in the separation of families while tourism suffered.

There is no restriction for fully vaccinated persons who undergo testing and contact tracing. New York City has already launched an aggressive advertising campaign in order to draw foreign visitors back. A surge of tourism revenue would go a long way to revive its economy.