The recent winter storm disturbed the lives of people in Texas and threatened its endangered sea turtles. They got afflicted with a condition called cold stun. This happens when these animals cannot bear the cold, become lethargic and lose the sense of direction. They land upon the coastal areas and have to be cared for on priority. This is because sea turtles are on the list of endangered species. Volunteers got into action to rescue thousands of the amphibians. The freezing temperatures paralyzed them, and they had trouble to eat or keep their heads above water.

After the rescue, the teams shifted them indoors, but the loss of power due to the storm posed problems to keep the heaters running. In such cases, Renewable Energy is an alternative.

Daily Mail UK says the Texas Sealife Center released hundreds of sea turtles back into the water. They did it in the city of Corpus Christi. They made use of slides to return them and took their time. The process was lengthy but straightforward. The slide was wet, and once on it, they just slid into the water and swam away.

Cold stunned sea turtles

Rescue of the sea turtles became an activity in which everyone participated. Residents of South Texas joined in rescue of the cold-blooded creatures. They are prone to fall prey to “cold stun” in arctic weather.

This is a condition where extremely low temperatures lead to hypothermia. Paralysis can also set in, and that affects their intake of food. Daily Mail UK adds when this happens, and they find it challenging to keep their heads above water and could fall victims to predators and boat propellers. The National Park Service explains these animals become lethargic and face difficulties in swimming when the water temperature is less than 50°F.

Their vulnerability increases, and they wash up on the shore and are stranded. In March 2019, hundreds of sea turtles beached in New England, possibly due to climate change.

Volunteers save the green sea turtles

The rescue group, Sea Turtle, Inc. on South Padre Island, handled more than 4,000 frozen turtles. It was a significant exercise to locate and transport the animals to the designated convention centre for rehabilitation.

Another group in Corpus Christi also chipped in. It was the Texas Sealife Center, and it rescued more than a thousand green sea turtles. Once the animals entered the temperature-controlled shelter, their process of recovery began. When they reached that stage, they had to undergo a “swim test.” This involved their ability to dive, settle to the bottom of the pool and remain active. Those who met the parameters earned their freedom.

Saving sea turtles was a massive rescue mission

According to Sky News, Texas's freezing weather due to the winter storm resulted in a massive rescue mission of sea turtles. They suffered from cold stun conditions where they lose their mobility. Since they belonged to the endangered species, the rescue agencies put in all-out efforts to rescue them.

The rescuers brought them in small batches or bulk, and there was urgency everywhere. It was about saving lives. Sea Turtle Inc. is one of the organizations. It said – “thousands of community members bundled up and volunteered long hours" to aid in the rescue. It added many of them did not have electricity, water, or warmth in their own homes. Despite such hardships, they extended assistance. US President Joe Biden declared a major disaster in Texas because of the extreme winter weather. The power grid in Texas was paralyzed, and in spite of being rich in reserves of oil and gas, millions of Texans had to survive without power for days. Even the water supply system faced major disruptions.