Once in a while, an individual like Greta Thunberg arrives to spread a vital message for the world's betterment. She was a teenaged climate activist from Sweden, and her mission was to raise awareness about climate change. On Sunday, she turned 18. She spoke at various international forums and did not mince her words while targeting the leaders for their inaction on the burning issue.

Greta Thunberg was nominated for a Nobel peace prize and was dubbed Time magazine's 2019 person of the year. The teenage activist was just 15 years old when she became the face of the youth climate movement.

That was when she started a solo “school strike” outside the Swedish parliament.

Greta Thunberg is now 18 years old. In the course of an interview ahead of her 18th birthday, she mentioned Celebrities. They used jets to Travel from place to place and preach on the subject of the environment. In this connection, it is relevant to point out that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle used private jets in 2019 for some trips within a short period. Greta admits her global superstardom status is temporary. Therefore, she wants to use whatever time she has at her disposal to get the maximum done on the subject of climate change.

World leaders have criticized Greta Thunberg

Criticism is a two-way affair, and Greta does not hesitate to speak up on issues that pertain to climate change.

She criticized the ten-point "green industrial revolution" outlined by Boris Johnson. Last year he launched a plan for the environment. He expected to create thousands of jobs and simultaneously cut down on Britain’s carbon emissions.

His plans included a ban on sales of new fossil-fueled cars by 2030, apart from installing offshore wind turbines to promote Renewable Energy.

To save the greenery, he wanted to plant a large number of trees. Daily Mail UK quotes the activist commenting that the proposals were steps in the right direction than a Government that does nothing. In November 2019, the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was named author of the year.

Greta Thunberg takes criticism in her stride

Daily Mail UK talks about Greta and the criticism heaped on her by world leaders. In 2019 during the UN General Assembly, Great Thunberg shouted, “How dare you?” She wanted to highlight the fact that country heads were failing the younger generation. The youth joined ranks and attended her meetings in large numbers.

US President Donald Trump had passed some remarks on several occasions, but they have not dampened her spirits. She took the criticism in her stride. While in America, Greta Thunberg received support from Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Hollywood celebrity.

During a BBC talk show, she brought up the subject of coronavirus. She said – “'I think this pandemic has shone a light on how ...

we depend on science and that we cannot make it without science.” She added that the world does not listen to climate scientists involved in the field of biodiversity. On the subject of Joe Biden and his pledge to rejoin the Paris climate accord, Greta said – “It could be a good start of something new.”

Climate activist Greta Thunberg and the global youth movement

According to SBS AU, Greta Thunberg is turning 18 and gaining all the rights of adulthood. She received international attention in 2018. When her lone school strike outside the Swedish parliament turned into a global movement by the young people, she has addressed world leaders from different platforms at the international level and urged them to prioritize climate change.

She wants decision-makers to "listen to science" and take action. They must treat the subject with the seriousness it deserves to leave behind a safe world for future generations. Greta is hopeful 2021 can become a year of change.