The much-anticipated Oprah Winfrey TV special with Harry and Meghan will air in the United States on 7 March. In the teaser clips of the interview, Harry draws a parallel between the treatment his mother, Princess Diana, received and also his wife, Meghan Markle. He made a bold statement when he said he feared he saw a repetition of history. That was before he and Meghan decided to step back as senior royals. Winfrey asked Meghan a couple of pointed questions, but she preferred to remain silent. There is no confirmation on when audiences in the UK can see the program.

The BBC says Meghan is believed to have talked about issues like marriage, motherhood, and life as a royal. She also mentioned about how she handled "intense public pressure." As to Harry, he had once said he's stepping back from royal duties was to ensure protection for himself and his family. This was important because of the press. His late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, had relinquished her royal title during her divorce from the Prince of Wales in August 1996. She lost her life the next year in a car crash in Paris. Paparazzi on motorbikes were following the car when the accident happened. In October 2019, Harry admitted the paparazzi reminds him of the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

Harry felt a repetition of history was likely

In the interview, Harry admits to Winfrey that his biggest concern was the possibility of history repeating itself. Oprah Winfrey happens to be a friend of Meghan. She attended the wedding of Meghan and Harry in 2018, which received global media coverage. In the interview, the couple mentions about their relocation to America last year.

They have also talked about their plans. The BBC adds a photograph in the TV special where Princess Diana is seen with young Harry. He speaks his mind to Oprah on the subject. He has always been protective of Meghan. Oprah was a friend, and the couple chose to interview them because of her style. It was never aggressive. In fact, those she interviews usually open up to her.

That helps her to get more out of them and make the interview more meaningful.

The Oprah interview with Harry could be a revelation

Last week, Harry was in conversation with James Corden, a talk show host. The BBC says In the course of talks, Harry insisted he and Meghan were "stepping back rather than stepping down" as senior royals. He explained that the situation was affecting his mental health. Therefore, whatever action he took was in keeping with what any right-minded individual would do. He could be a husband or a father. The couple revealed that they could soon welcome their second child. Harry remembered his mother, Princess Diana, loved forget-me-nots, and he and Meghan planted them in a school in Los Angeles.

Harry felt the British press could destroy his mental health

According to CNN, Harry likens his split from the royal family to Princess Diana. This came out in the sit-down interview between Oprah Winfrey, Harry, and Meghan. The first interview the couple gave after they quit as working members of the royal family last year. Once the interview is telecast, it could raise many eyebrows because it could dwell on a number of sensitive issues. One of these could relate to the support Meghan received from the royals. When they decided to step away from the royal family, it resulted in a Buckingham Palace crisis in early 2020. Harry and Meghan have formally split from the family. They have a house in Santa Barbara amid Celebrities where they live with their son Archie. They have inked deals with Netflix and Spotify and are determined to prove to the world their capabilities. Harry and Meghan have already set their targets for 2021and charted out the plans..