Disneyland is integral with the lifestyle of Americans. It is a place where people, irrespective of age, arrive on a regular basis. They come to relax in the company of fictional characters created by Disney and enjoy the atmosphere dotted with a wide variety of attractions like rides. In March 2018, Disney theme parks became a part of Google Street views. However, the Coronavirus pandemic led the authorities of Disneyland to close its gates because of the contagious nature of the infection. Medics advised people to avoid crowded places, maintain social distancing and ensure personal hygiene.

It was mandatory to wear facemasks and sanitize the hands. These resulted in deserted roads, empty movie halls and places of entertainment. Those employed began to work from home, the death tolls kept mounting and lockdowns kept everybody indoors. They had to forego the beauties of the parks and other open spaces.

CNN says Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure have a system of issuing annual pass programs. Fans can buy these and avail of the facilities throughout the year. The advent of coronavirus and its growing menace forced Disney to review the situation. It closed its theme parks when the pandemic surfaced and it is still not contained. It was a matter of concern because of a drastic reduction in footfalls, This could have prompted Disney to discontinue its annual pass program.

It appears to be a strategic business decision in view of changed circumstances. In May, reports in the media mentioned Disney theme parks could lose $21 billion during shutdown.

Disney Parks replaces all annual passes with a new program

Disney Parks announced cancellation of annual passes. Instead, there would be a new program and those who hold the annual passes would be eligible for prorated refunds.

CNN quotes Disneyland President Ken Potrock who explained that there is continued uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. These pose limitations to reopening of the California theme parks. Therefore, Disney would go in for refunds and draw curtains for the current program. He indicated possibilities of some new type of membership that would replace the existing one.

In March, Disney closed its theme parks in Anaheim and Orlando due to coronavirus.

Disneyland converted to a COVID-19 vaccination site

There is no information on reopening of the theme parks. Disney had been pursuing with California Governor Gavin Newsom to permit reopening of its theme parks. However, permission did not come because of various restrictions of the state coupled with an upward trend in the number of coronavirus cases. Incidentally, this pandemic has led to suspension of many popular events across the world like the cherry blossom festival in Japan. Many producers have kept the release of their Movies in abeyance because movie halls are closed. An example is the James Bond movie “No Tine to Die.” In short, businesses suffered, especially in the entertainment sectors.

CNN adds that Disney's parks are located in Orange County where infection cases have seen a sharp rise since December. Disneyland has now reopened but, as a "super" COVID-19 vaccination site.

Amusement parks like Disneyland worried about the future

Large theme parks in California have remained shuttered since March because of coronavirus. The issue of reopening will depend on how the spread of the pandemic is controlled. There is a surge in COVID-19 cases and there must be concerted efforts at all levels to minimize it. In the opinion of State health officials, reopening of large amusement parks like Disneyland can happen when transmission reaches minimal levels. Then also, there would be a limitation on the park capacity.