Disneyland and Disney California Adventure have reopened after 13 months. Los Angeles Times describes this closure as the longest one in its 66-year history. There have been two brief closures earlier for a day each. The first closure was after the assassination of President Kennedy and the second time after the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

The authorities of Anaheim parks have introduced several safety measures against the backdrop of the pandemic. The first of these was the temperature-check station at the entrance. Park workers are on hand to keep a watch on the visitors, remind them of the need to maintain their distance, and keep their masks on.

Some fans compared it to homecoming. As a visitor said, “it’s been a long year,” and added that Disneyland opening felt like a bit of normality. In May 2020, a news report said Disney Theme Parks could lose $21 billion during the shutdown.

Precautions are taken by Disneyland

Los Angeles Times reports that one of the first steps Disneyland took was to restrict the capacity. Other precautions included the compulsory wearing of masks for guests and employees. Moreover, people who do not know each other must maintain physical distancing in queues and on rides. Consequently, many rides took off with empty seats. New hand-washing stations came up to ensure cleanliness at all times.

The park also decided to eliminate parades and fireworks because these lead to people coming too close.

In addition, there would be no hugs from well-known Disney characters. They would be there but on balconies. This disease originated in China, and it has taken a heavy toll on lives worldwide. It is highly contagious, and to avoid spreading the disease, the medics have issued guidelines. These include personal hygiene like wearing facemasks, frequent washing of the hands, and maintaining social distance.

Another piece of advice is to stay away from crowded places. The result was empty cinema halls, theme parks, and football stadiums. In short, Coronavirus affected businesses. In March 2018, Disney Theme Parks became a part of Google Street View.

Tickets to Disneyland sold out for first seen weeks

The fans want to return to the pre-coronavirus period and visit Disneyland.

This is evident by their enthusiasm to get the tickets. Los Angeles Times says tickets are sold out for the entire first seven weeks. Similarly, for other attractive options like Disney California Adventure. At present, entry to the park is restricted to residents of California. However, some other theme parks are selling tickets to non–Californians who are fully vaccinated. Incidentally, before the pandemic, the collection from California theme parks added up to nearly $1.5 billion annually in federal, state, and local taxes.

The reopening of Disneyland is a symbol of recovery from coronavirus

According to Sky News, the reopening of Disneyland is an indication that the United States is recovering from the pandemic.

It devastated the economy and forced the people to embrace isolation, adjust to the work-from-home culture and avoid direct contact with strangers. The park has opened for those who belong to the state and will operate at a less-than-normal capacity. The company had to slash thousands of jobs from its theme parks in the United States. In September, Disney laid off 28,000 employees because of the pandemic. The reopening of theme parks sends a message that the deaths are reducing as the number of vaccinations grows. It is good news for the Travel sector. Cruise operators plan to be back in business soon. US cruises were shut down in March 2020.