Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, disclosed that their son Archie would soon get a sister to keep him company. The couple made this disclosure during the by-now famous interview they had with Oprah Winfrey. It aired on CBS Sunday night. Harry and his wife shared more information and added that the new arrival would be a girl.

Both were delighted. When Oprah wanted to get his reaction, Harry said – "Amazing. Just grateful." He added the newcomer would make theirs a complete family with the four of them and their pet dogs. Meghan added - "Done, two is it." The baby would arrive during summer.

Harry and Meghan belonged to the British royal family but stepped down from being senior royals and now live in America. They have a mansion in Santa Barbara among Celebrities. Before marrying Harry, Meghan was an actor in the TV legal drama "Suits." Harry was a fighter pilot who flew Apache helicopters in Afghanistan. They met through a common friend, and their wedding was a major event. It received widespread global media coverage.

Today says Harry and Meghan have a son. He will be two years old in May. The couple had announced last month that their second baby was on the way. Their spokesperson had mentioned this in a statement on Valentine's Day. The two of them have confirmed this in the Oprah Winfrey interview.

Harry and Meghan have formally split from the royal family of Britain.

Meghan brought a breath of fresh air into the royal family

Reacting to the news of Meghan becoming a mother for the second time, Buckingham Palace released a statement. Today quotes the statement that goes - "Her Majesty, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales and the entire family are delighted and wish them well."

Meghan came from a different country, background, and culture.

After entering the royal family, she molded herself to gain the acceptance of other members. She embraced the new culture and did away with her old lifestyle. Meghan brought with her a breath of fresh air into the royal family. She succeeded in winning over others, as revealed in a video of the most memorable moments of 2018 that shows Meghan Markle to be the favorite of the Queen.

However, down the line, something snapped.

The interview came after Meghan shared the good news

The Oprah Winfrey interview took place after Meghan announced her and Harry's second baby. They were frank about the subject of the interview. They dropped hints that they would talk on a wide range of subjects and that no subject would be off-limits. They probably wanted an opportunity to let off steam. This was their first public interview after stepping down from royal duties. Meghan and Harry have already signed up with an agency to be on the speaking circuit. They are young and good speakers and have the ability to convince others.

Baby news of Meghan in a year of major changes

According to Harper's Bazaar, Harry and Meghan are expanding their family.

They revealed the exciting baby news on Valentine's Day. The late Princess Diana also chose to make a similar announcement that she was pregnant with Harry on Valentine's Day several decades earlier.

In May 2019, Meghan gave birth to her son Archie. They came to America just when the coronavirus struck. That posed problems for them to move around because of restrictions. Harry and Meghan volunteered to work for the Los Angeles charity Baby2Baby at the time to keep themselves occupied and are now busy with lucrative projects on Netflix, Spotify etcetera. They are determined to be financially independent. They intend to bring Archie up as an ordinary citizen. Both of them have seen life from close quarters. They want to instill the values into Archie.