Members of the British royal family have not yet met the latest member. She is Lilibet, daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Harry wants to visit Britain with his wife Meghan, son Archie and daughter Lilibet but there is a hurdle. He wants to pay for police protection as long as he and his family stay in the country.

However, a decision of the U.K. government bars him from paying for police protection. Harry plans to seek a judicial review. He wants to involve a court to decide if the original decision was within the purview of the law.

Harry and Meghan had to bid farewell to taxpayer-funded security when they decided to step down as working royals.

That was in 2020. Subsequently, they moved out to the United States and rebuilt their lives. In the process, they improved their financial position and could afford the security of their choice.

Therefore, Harry wanted to pay for the police protection, but the U.K. Home Office disagreed. They rejected the request. Harry had wanted to come to Britain in January last year but had to shelve his plan because of a ban on non-essential travel.

Harry is sixth in line to the throne

Prince Harry inherited a security risk at birth for life. As of date, he is sixth in line to the throne. He has served as a combat pilot of Apache helicopters in Afghanistan. It seems in recent years, his family was at the receiving end of threats, and the threat to him and his family remains.

Harry lives in California with his wife Meghan and their two children. The couple wanted financial independence and had already inked some lucrative deals. They have private security, but his problem is that those who provide the security coverage cannot extend that to the level necessary for their visit to the U.K. Last December, Harry, and Meghan shared the first photo of Lilibet, their daughter.

In the by-now famous interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry’s wife had opened up on the subject of losing their usual security team after they separated from the royal family. She was worried about the death threats and the racist propaganda.

Harry’s legal representative said the U.K. would always be Prince Harry’s home. Meghan and Archie have not returned to Britain since the family left, and Lilibet has yet to visit Britain.

She was born in June 2021. Harry’s legal representative explains: “Other British figures who have left public office and have inherent threat risks get police protection at no cost.” Therefore, Harry sought a judicial review in September. Non-availability of police security could mean Harry might decide against the visit. That would be a disappointment for the Queen and members of her family who had expected to meet Lilibet for the first time.