Parents love to see their children growing up. Right now, it is toddler time for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Their son Archie is two years old, and his sister Lilibet is four months old.

The royal couple is a celebrity and has to depend on nannies who attend to the children. However, both of them have enough hands-on experience to handle kids. As a result, they try to keep the involvement of the hired help to a minimum. An insider says – the knowledge they acquired while bringing up Archie has come in handy for Lilibet. In the source's words, Harry is a former military pilot and "the most caring dad."

Harry became a father in May 2019 when Meghan brought Archie into this world.

Daughter Lilibet arrived this June, and she was Meghan's gift to Harry, Archie, and the Royal family. When Lilibet arrived, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton sent their congratulations via Instagram.

Prince Harry and his family of four live in California

The royal couple left their home in Frogmore Cottage in January 2020. That was after they announced their decision to step down from royal duties. The family of four is now living in Santa Barbara, California. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle wanted to gain financial independence. They began to work to a plan and succeeded in signing a few lucrative contracts. One of these was with Netflix for a TV program. Another was for Harry/s memoirs with Penguin Random House.

Moreover, the two of them made it to the cover of TIME as "icons" in the list of most influential people. It proved that the two of them can relate to the people and contribute a lot to society.

The uneasiness between William and Harry

When Harry stepped down from royal duties, his brother William was not happy. After leaving Britain, Harry returned to attend to some specific work.

These were the funeral of Prince Philip, his grandfather, and the inauguration of a memorial to his late mother, Princess Diana. The brothers did meet briefly on both occasions. It must be remembered that Harry and Meghan are young and bubbling with energy. They have seen life from close quarters and want to live on their terms.

He was a pilot and flew helicopters in Afghanistan. She was an actor who worked in the TV legal drama "Suits." The two of them met through a common friend and got married in 2018. Today they are Celebrities and have their share of fans and critics. US Magazine quotes Omid Scobie, the author of "Finding Freedom," saying: "The relationship between Harry and William is still very much one of distance."

Privacy is important for Harry and Meghan

According to Daily Beast, lack of privacy was one reason Harry and Meghan left the royal life. However, they continue to attract global attention by virtue of their activities. They deserve full credit for keeping their children out of the glare of publicity.

The level of privacy they have been able to impart to their children today is much superior to what they gave their firstborn Archie. Incidentally, not a single photograph of their daughter has appeared in the media so far. They have not even announced any christening date for her.

In contrast, William and Kate are unable to do that. They have to pass on pictures of their kids to the media. It is believed to be a mechanism to maintain good rapport with them. Recently, there was news that Archie and Lilibet, children of Harry and Meghan, could get a new playmate.