Because of the reduction in Coronavirus infection, California has decided to reopen its economy from June 15. The pandemic had devastated businesses, and Californians can return to the pre-pandemic days. Curtains would come down on plenty of business restrictions which would be a huge relief to every citizen. They were forced to remain indoors to avoid physical contact with strangers. Any one of them could be a potential carrier of the dreaded virus. Facemask would not be mandatory for those fully vaccinated for COVID-19. However, it will remain in a business or a venue where such protective gear is necessary for everyone.

In short, reopening would allow normalcy to return and help revive the economy.

Los Angeles Times quotes Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County, public health director, saying: "It's huge. There will not be specific protocols for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, card rooms, and family entertainment centres. (...) There will be no capacity limits and no distancing requirements."

People of California would like to forget the pandemic days

The restrictions imposed because of coronavirus left a deep impact on people's lives from all walks of life. They had to avoid crowded places for fear of contracting the disease. The result was emptiness all around, from cinema halls and museums to theme parks. Another aspect was that of maintaining social distancing.

The net result was a dull life as the work-from-home culture took over. Businesses suffered, and the Travel sector gasped for breath. Planes were on the ground and cruise ships in ports. Los Angeles Times says things will change from June 15. One of these is the restoration of freedom for restaurants to run to full capacity.

Dr. Barbara Ferrer assures that there would be dramatic changes in all sorts of public spaces. In May, Disneyland in California reopened after a 13-month closure due to coronavirus.

Life will return to California

At long last, California is on the road to normal conditions. Most of the restrictions imposed over the past year will no longer be applicable.

Businesses, offices, and venues can all operate at total capacity, and The Los Angeles Times provides a few details. Amusement parks and fairs will reopen at full capacity. That will mean those who were cooped up in their homes can be back again to enjoy their freedom, similarly to businesses like restaurants, movie theaters, and other options for entertainment. There is a revision to the upper limit of capacity for conferences, receptions, and meetings. These would be encouraging news for employees who lost their jobs. The administration feels the reopening would help Californians forget the pains of the pandemic days and make a new beginning.

California is the last state to reopen in full

According to ABC7, California was the first state to impose lockdown.

That was in March last year. It is now among the last to reopen in full. That would translate into the lifestyle of pre-pandemic days with no limits on capacity or requirements of physical distancing for businesses. Gov. Gavin Newsom had set June 15 as the target to lift restrictions on capacity and distancing regulations for nearly all businesses and activities. That is now a reality. Fully vaccinated people can do away with the wearing of facemasks in most places. Incidentally, businesses can still impose certain safety rules. These could be proof of vaccination. The requirement of facemasks would remain for certain situations. California had gone in for a statewide shutdown last year and showed how to arrest coronavirus.