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Rapper A$AP Ferg mixes up cocktails with Hennessy Cognac

Hip Hop and mixology come together with a new drink kit through Cocktail Courier.
Hennessy, the world’s best-selling Cognac, has always supported the arts, especially hip-hop. Hip Hop and Hennessy go together like white on rice, this high-quality spirit has been mentioned in more hip-hop lyrics than any other drink in history. Unlike some brands, Hennessy is not afraid of partnering with hip-hop, in fact, they embrace the love they receive from the culture and continue to push boundaries. In their latest effort, Hennessy is collaborating with NY Harlem’s own A$AP Ferg and drinks concierge, Cocktail Courier. Art, Music, and Mixology In an unprecedented partnership, Hennessy and A$AP Ferg are combining music and mixology with Cocktail Courier. For a limited time, fans of A$AP Ferg and Hennessy can make their own drink. The Hennessy Uptown is a new cocktail featuring Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège. The limited edition drink will be available through the drink delivery service, Cocktail Courier, starting January 17. The Hennessy Uptown inspired by A$AP Ferg cocktail...