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Will Huma Abedin divorce Anthony Wiener and look ahead after Hillary defeat?

Clinton's close confidant is under emotional stress: first with the defeat of her boss and second a divorce from her husband for unbecoming conduct.
Huma Abedin had a terrible last year. First her mentor Hillary suffered a defeat that was not expected, and second, her husband was in the limelight for acts unbecoming of a senator and respected citizen. Obviously, Huma was under stress and she wept openly at the defeat of Hillary. With the news of the antics of her husband being splashed all around, she made the decision to divorce Anthony Wiener. Though both are still living together, her friends have confirmed that Huma will go ahead with the divorce. The couple has been married for 6 years and has a 4-year-old son. Will Huma go ahead with the divorce? Her husband wants Huma to call off the divorce. One can't be sure that Huma will definitely go for divorce as she is very attached to her son and wants to give him love and a proper upbringing. Huma and Hillary Huma is an American-born Muslim and has been close to Hillary for nearly 2 decades. During the last election, she came into the limelight as a close confidant of Hillary. The...
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