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Dog walking is a new upcoming profession

A new profession is gradually emerging for dog walkers because people are aging
The dog is man’s best friend and is also a reliable companion for many of the elderly people. However, dogs need caring and instead of being chained down in a corner of the house or in its kennel, it has to excise its limbs. It has to go for walks and, when its owner is tied down by age and unable to take it out for walks, the need arises for a dog walker. That is the new upcoming profession and, as a report from the New York-based Conference Board suggests, walking dogs for a living is a better option as compared to teaching kids and could be in the limelight for the next decade’s labour market. The role of the dog walker The focus of the report is on demographics related to aging of the population and a drop in fertility rates. The report says that the elderly people would spend more money on pets. This is because their children would have left them for better prospects elsewhere and, to get over the loneliness, the elders would invest in pets and shower their blessings on dogs....
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