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The United States reels under the exodus from Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria has devastated Puerto Rico, and thousands have arrived in Orlando, Miami and Florida to begin new lives.
The exodus of Puerto Ricans has severely strained the available resources to the limit in places like Orlando, Miami, and Florida. The migrants have chosen these places because many of their family members stay there and, in such trying times, people seek the company of their loved ones. The administration is finding it difficult to cope with these arrivals. The sudden migration from Puerto Rico was a result of the devastation after Hurricane Maria struck the island and destroyed the infrastructure. The hurricane uprooted electric poles, and people were forced to survive without electricity. The number of people who were compelled to leave the island and arrive in the mainland runs into the thousands as compared to other similar disasters like the exodus from New Orleans to Houston after Hurricane Katrina. Magnitude of the problem The New York Times is reporting that thousands of people from Puerto Rico have already arrived in Florida after losing their homes that were devastated by...