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California man paid $20,000 for the funeral of the wrong man

An 82-year-old man spared no expense for a funeral, only to find out that his son was still alive.
It is bad enough having to make funeral arrangements and bury a relative. It was devasting for a California man to have a funeral for a man he thought was his son, only to find out later that he had made funeral arrangements and buried the wrong person. After spending a great deal of money on a beautiful funeral, Frank J. Kerrigan discovered that the coroner made a mistake, and that his son was still alive. The 82-year-old father did not bury his son after all -- he arranged for the wrong man to be buried. Orange County coroner's officials reported that a man had been found dead behind a store. The coroner called Kerrigan and told him that the body was that of his 57-year-old mentally ill son who had been living on the street, and the body had been identified by his fingerprints. Expensive funeral The Kerrigan family held a $20,000 funeral for a man they thought was Kerrigan's son. A large number of people traveled a long way to attend the service. When John Kerrigan gave the eulogy,...