Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans are worried about the absence of quarterback Tom Brady during training camp and if he would be with the team before it begins its campaign in the upcoming season. Brady is on a training camp hiatus, which head coach Todd Bowles described as excused because the team knows about it beforehand. The other day, Bowles said there’s no firm date for Brady’s return, but he clarified it on Saturday. “I know exactly when Tom is coming back, and I’ve consistently said it would be sometime after the Titans game,” Bowles said, per Pro Football Talk.

However, Bowles did not reveal when the exact date of Brady’s return is. He also quelled speculations that Brady might retire again, saying he’s not worried about their quarterback situation. “I’m not worried, so I don’t know why anyone else would be worried,” added Bowles, while refusing to discuss the reason for Brady’s absence from the team.

It was earlier reported that Brady’s absence has nothing to do with his health or any of his family members. Buccaneers star linebacker Devin White recently defended Tom Brady’s training camp absence, saying the quarterback doesn’t need to be here, as he has been doing it for a long time. White also expressed confidence that the 45-year-old Brady is still working on his game and won’t miss a beat when he returns.

Logan Ryan says Brady will return

Buccaneers defensive back Logan Ryan was interviewed on Outkick 360 where he briefly discussed Brady’s absence from training camp. Ryan said he had no idea where Brady is but he knows he and his family are okay. Ryan added that the team is not worried about Brady’s absence, saying it’s not a big deal.

“I think a lot of this stuff is a bigger deal outside of the building because he played 20-plus years and really never missed a day,” Ryan said, adding that he expects Brady to be prepared and do a good job at quarterback when he returns. The defensive back also echoed Bowles’ statement, saying Brady will return but did not mention any particular date.

Brady recently announced his return to the NFL after a 41-day retirement following their loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Divisional Round last season.

Despite his age, Brady led the team in passing yards, passing touchdowns and completions last season and was even a finalist for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. Brady participated in the early part of training camp, where young wide receiver Scotty Miller observed that the quarterback has so much left in the tank. Miller is also excited to play alongside Brady for another season. “I was just super excited, super stoked to play alongside him again,” Miller said.