Pat Hughes has been a sports broadcaster in the midwestern United States for several decades. He has primarily been known for calling Major League Baseball games. Though he's also made his mark calling other sports as well, indicates the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Hughes has worked alongside some of the biggest legends in their respective sports. Including Bob Uecker, Al McGuire, Harry Caray and Ron Santo. If he couldn't before, Hughes can now consider himself among their peers.

Honored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame

Pat Hughes has been selected as a recipient of the Ford C.

Frick Award, reports CBS. The award is given by the National Baseball Hall of Fame to broadcasters who've made "major contributions" to the sport. Its namesake, Ford C. Frick, was a longtime president of the National League and commissioner of Major League Baseball.

Recipients of the award are not technically inducted into the Hall of Fame, but in essence, they are. They're invited to participate in the induction ceremonies alongside the official inductees. A plague featuring their likeness is put on display in the Hall. Much like it would be if it were an official induction. And, yes, they're regularly referred to as "Hall of Famers" by fans and colleagues.

Hughes began his career of calling professional baseball in the Minor Leagues with the San Jose Missions.

He would also work as a broadcaster for the Columbus Clippers. His first Major League job came as the tv play-by-play announcer for the Minnesota Twins. During that same time frame, he also did tv coverage for the National Hockey League's Minnesota North Stars.

Later, Hughes left Minnesota for Wisconsin. Milwaukee, to be specific.

There, he served as a longtime radio broadcaster for the Milwaukee Brewers. Hughes also became a fixture for Marquette University men's basketball, both on radio and on television. His tenure would include the team's Final Four run in 2003. On other occasions, he was called upon to call football and basketball for the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In the mid-1990s, WGN named Hughes as the new radio voice of the Chicago Cubs. He's also done basketball radio work for Northwestern University. Hughes' time as the "Voice of the Cubs" includes the team's 2016 World Series Championship.

Earlier in 2022, Hughes was voted in as a member of the Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame. Numerous times in the past, he was named sportscaster of the year for both Wisconsin and Illinois.

Is originally for the western United States

Pat Hughes is a native of Tucson, Arizona. He later graduated from Branham High School in San Jose, California. Hughes would follow that up with a degree in Radio/TV Journalism from San Jose State University.

Hughes has since become a mainstay in the midwest.

Along with his duties calling games for various sports teams in the region, he's participated in other events. Shortly before the Frick Award news, he was announced as part of a major broadcasting symposium in Beloit, Wisconsin. Alongside others including Brewers radio and tv announcer Jeff Levering and several other MLB broadcasters.