The Democratic Party is the primary force of resistance against Donald Trump's administration.

Democratic Party

The 2016 presidential primary brought to light differences within theDemocratic Partythat boiled under the surface of Obama's eight-year presidency. The contest between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton stirred up questions of what it meant to be progressive. Hillary would win the nomination, but not without the apprehension of many Sanders supporters. Evidence of Clinton-DNC collusion only heightened their animosity towards the party and its nominee.

With the Democrat's crushing defeat to Donald Trump and the GOP in November, the Democratic Party has been left to pick up the pieces. Their newest challenge is combating the controversial policies and positions of President Trump. The DNC and its new chair Tom Perez will have to put together a new vision that inspires enthusiasm and readies the Democratic Party for wins in 2018 and 2020.

The Congressional Democratic leadership consists of New Yorker Chuck Schumer in the Senate and California Representative Nancy Pelosi in the House. Tom Perez became the party's chair in February of 2017, after a contentious battle for the seat with now deputy chair Keith Ellison.

The party platform

The Democratic Party's current platform focuses on social justice, civil and voting rights, environmentalism, the working class. The party platform demands fair wages, as Democrats believe this is the key to upward economic mobility. Democrats also believe in comprehensive tax reform that ensures America's wealthiest citizens, and corporations pay their "fair share".

Access to affordable health care is a staple of the party platform. With Obamacare under threat of a repeal, universal health care is a focal point of opposition for the Democrats in the House and Senate. Democrats are vocal supporters of further reforms in the areas of women's rights, minority rights, LGBT, and voting rights. They believe climate change is a threat to the planet and future, and advocate for reforms and regulations that slow down and reverse the effects of climate change.

The Democratic immigration stance centers around amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for law-abiding undocumented immigrants living in the country. They believe in immigration reform that will let those wanting to emigrate to America do so more easily.

New challenges

The Democrats' platform talks up fighting for a more just society, an equitable economy, and a fair shot for all, but the party is facing serious challenges inside and out. From an internal debate between progressives and the more centrist, establishment wing, to impeding the influence of the Republican Party and Donald Trump. Democrats face an uphill battle looking ahead to 2018 and 2020.

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Democratic candidates like Lucy McBath for Congress remind us that we still have a long fight ahead of us to prevent gun violence. If we want to pass commonsense gun laws, we have to work together to elect Democrats.

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