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Los Angeles Lakers


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Do you love the NBA? Are you a die-hard Lakers fan? If yes, then there is no reason not to stay up-to-date with latest and breaking news about the Los Angeles Lakers. If no, you should also subscribe to this channel in order to follow what the league's most storied franchise is up to. The NBA is at its best when the Lakers are at their best. And the Lakers are back and ready to make some noise again. Everything you need to know about their resurgence, their young promising core, their future plans/trade rumors, their schedule, or their performance can be found right here.

The Lakers are the NBA's most national team and have one of the largest and most loyal fan bases in basketball.

Lakers fan are always eager to learn about how their favorite team and stars are doing, as well as how the team can continue to improve. It is all about winning in Lakers Nation. The 16 championship banners hanging in Staples Center speak for themselves. This reality encourages our writers to find the latest and most relevant news that can inform these loyal fans on the most significant happenings within the Lakers organization or associated with it.

It is a new era of Lakers basketball. After four years without playoffs and after having witnessed the retirement of a legend like Kobe Bryant, Lakers fans are excited again about their team and optimistic about their future. Lakers' legendary point guard Earvin Magic Johnson has taken the reins of the team as President of Basketball Operations, and so far he has taken the right steps to make the Lakers relevant again. The Lakers finally have a competent front office again.

Hope has returned to LA, and the face of this hope, Lonzo Ball, is also the new face of the franchise.

Ball will attempt to lift the Lakers back to prominence and championship contention. Brandon Ingram will also assume a leadership role and will try to meet the fans' high expectations. So far, Lakers fans have reasons to stay tuned and follow the improvement of their young core in this channel. The Lakers are exciting again, and this channel will reflect that excitement with eye-catching stories and an array of perspectives.

Will Lonzo become a superstar? Will Ingram become the Lakers' primary scorer? Will role players like Randle, Nance, and Clarkson step up their game? Will veterans like Lopez and Caldwell-Pope help the Lakers come closer to the playoffs? Will the Lakers be able to attract free agent superstars next summer? These and many more questions will be able to be answered in this channel.

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