Buddy Teevens has become a mainstay of Dartmouth College athletics. He is the longtime head coach of the Dartmouth Big Green football team. In the past, he was the football team's star player. Teevens was also an ice hockey player at the school.

Last month, it was announced that Teevens was involved in a traffic incident that left him critically injured. Further details about the current state of his condition were recently released by his wife. Teevens' life has been permanently altered.

His right leg was amputated

Buddy Teevens has lost his right leg, as indicated by ESPN and Yahoo.

He has evidently also suffered significant injuries to his spinal cord. But the exact nature of those injuries was not specified to the public.

Teevens sustained his injuries last month after being struck by a truck while riding his bicycle. His wife was with him at the time and had also apparently been on a bike. Reportedly, the truck was going 50 miles an hour at the time of the impact.

According to initial reports, the investigation was still ongoing and it hadn't been decided who was at fault. The truck was evidently going slightly over the speed limit of the road where the collision occurred. (Somewhat ironically, the speed limit on the road in question is set to be lowered at month's end.) But Teevens was not wearing a helmet, nor using reflective or illuminating gear even though it was after dark.

He was also not in a "designated crossing area."

The prognosis for Teevens and his future are decidedly unclear, at least to the general public. Assistant coach Sammy McCorkle has taken over the head football coaching duties for the time being. At present, it seems that he would be the acting head coach for an indefinite amount of time.

Teevens is in his second go-round as the head coach of the Big Green football team. In his two combined stays, he's notched either a share or an outright Ivy League Championship five teams. He has also been selected as Ivy League Coach of the Year twice.

Has been a head coach at three other schools

Buddy Teevens was a quarterback for the Big Green while a student at Dartmouth.

Both individually and as a team, it would be something of a banner year in 1978. The team would win an Ivy League Championship. Teevens would be named as the Ivy League Player of the Year and was an honorable mention All-American. He also reached great success the following year with the school in ice hockey. Helping the Big Green become a Frozen Four team.

Along with Dartmouth, Teevens has been a head coach at the University of Maine, Tulane University and Stanford University. He's also worked as an assistant coach at several schools, including the University of Florida. During his tenure, Florida won a Southeastern Conference Championship and an Orange Bowl.