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Allen Iverson knew LeBron 'was going to be special' a long time ago

Allen Iverson recently joined The Herd to talk about the NBA, and more specifically, LeBron James.
Philadelphia 76ers and NBA legend Allen Iverson recently joined the set of The Herd hosted by Colin Cowherd to talk about the current state of the NBA, and to discuss his view on greats such as Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Discussing the evolution of Bron Bron from a very young age, when he started to become a household name in the game of basketball. Allen Iverson played in the NBA from 1996-2010, going up against Michael Jordan in his final years and going up against LeBron James in his younger years. He has seen firsthand the talent and skill that both of these basketball greats possess. He was in the league to witness Michael Jordan win MVP awards and championships, and watch the King hold the MVP trophy twice as a member of the Cavaliers. He has had great duels against both players and against their respective teams. A.I is also known for a disrespectful ankle breaker on Mr. Jordan, the video has millions of hits online. The Answer talks about King James Allen Iverson was...