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LeBron James responds to the Cavs signing of Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose recently signed a one year deal with the Cavaliers, LeBron took to Twitter to appreciate the moment.
Monday was a huge day for the Cleveland Cavaliers, they agreed to a one year deal worth $2.1 million with former NBA MVP and multiple time all-star, Derrick Rose. Although D-Rose has suffered many injuries throughout his young NBA career, this is a very solid signing by the Cavaliers front office. After spending his first eight seasons in the NBA with his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls, Rose was controversially traded to the New York Knicks before the 2016-17 season begun. Now he is looking to rejuvenate his career in a wine and gold colored uniform. A team that has spent the last three years performing at the highest level, in the NBA Finals, winning a championship in 2016. We are yet to see what will happen with signing, and if it will pay off. But considering D-Rose came off his most healthy season since 2011, as long as he can stay healthy and productive, he could be a great addition to the team. LeBron welcomes D-Rose on Twitter LeBron James is the king of not only basketball,...