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Dwyane Wade's Cleveland trade surfaces after Jimmy Butler's departure

Looks like the greatest duo in the NBA will once again team up, as Dwyane Wade sees a possible trade to Cleveland.
Dwyane Wade and LeBron James became one of the finest duos the NBA league has ever seen. The former Miami Heat teammates showed the world the kind of energy and results they can offer together. Alas, the pair had to go separate ways: James going back to Cleveland, while Wade opted to stay. Later on, Dwyane Wade went to Chicago after a turmoil involving him and the Heat’s front office. The rest was history. Now, the latest reports about Wade suggest that he already filed the necessary paperwork to be with the Bulls for another season. However, there is a possibility that he and James will team up in the Cavaliers. Wade signed because of Jimmy Butler According to FOX Sports, there are two reasons why the superstar signed with the Bulls: one is because of the money and two because of Jimmy Butler. However, everyone knows that Butler had been traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves just recently. The second reason is definitely out of the topic anymore. This even goes without saying that...