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Trump finally breaks silence on Toronto van attack, gets destroyed on Twitter

Donald Trump responded to the deadly attack in Toronto, but his remarks didn't go over well in return.
Nearly 24 hours after a man in Toronto, Canada drove his car into a crowd of pedestrians, Donald Trump has finally offered his thoughts. Once the president decided to tweet about the incident, critics were quick to lash out in return. Trump on Toronto It was Monday afternoon in Toronto, Canada when a man driving a van plowed into a major intersection. As of result of his actions, 10 people were killed with over a dozen left injured. Once the suspect was captured, he was identified as 25-year-old Alek Minassian, who joined the Canadian Forces last summer but was asked to leave just 16 days into his basic training. Canadian officials said his exit was due to not "adapting to the military lifestyle" and that there were no "red flags" about his future behavior. Additional reports note that Minassian was known as a loner who expressed anger at women, including messages on his social media accounts where he praised mass shooters and anti-women movements. Minassian has since been charged...