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Donald Trump will visit the UK in July after the NATO summit in Brussels

Britain has extended an invitation to Donald Trump to visit the country and he could be in London on July 13.
The visit of Donald Trump to Britain has been mired in controversies, and it is now revealed that he will arrive on British soil on July 13 during his return journey from a NATO summit in Brussels. The summit is scheduled for July 11 and 12, and he will, therefore, land in London on July 13. The First Lady, Melania Trump will accompany him, and there are plans for them to meet the Queen and Prince Philip. The Daily Mail UK reports that US President will spend some time in London in spite of fears of probable demonstrations. Initially, it was thought the visit would be of short duration, but that might change. Confusion over Donald Trump’s visit British Prime Minister Theresa May had met Donald Trump in the White House soon after he took over the reins. At that time, she had extended an invitation to him to visit Britain; however, subsequent developments put a stop to the program. A survey carried out by the US embassy in London revealed that the Brits did not want him to meet the...