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Trump breaks silence after Dems release response to Nunes memo, Twitter erupts

The Democrats released their official rebuttal memo to the right-wing Nunes memo and Donald Trump was quick to lash out.
Just weeks after Republican Rep. Devin Nunes released a controversial memo about the FBI and their investigation into Russian election interference, Democrats finally revealed their rebuttal. In response, Donald Trump was not happy about it. Trump on memo response For over a year, an investigation has been taking place that has looked into the reported hacking of the Democratic National Committee by Russia during the 2016 election. In addition, the investigation, which is now led by special counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller, has also looked into what roll Donald Trump's campaign might have had with Russia during the time of the hacking. In an apparent attempt to defend the president, Devin Nunes released a four-page memo accusing the FBI of bias against Trump, though many have pushed back to label Nunes' findings as cherry-picked and politically partisan. On Saturday, the Democrats finally released their long-awaited response, though it was heavily redacted, which...