Rhode Island is getting ready to hold a special election for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. It's slated to be held later this year. The House seat in question is from the state's 1st District.

The seat is being vacated due to David Cicilline's resignation. Several high-profile political figures in Rhode Island have indicated their interest in the middle. And it looks like one of them is getting ready to make her move officially.

Sabina Matos to launch the campaign

The Providence Journal and The Boston Globe report that Sabina Matos will run for the U.S.

House of Representatives. Matos is currently serving as the lieutenant governor of Rhode Island. Like Cicilline, Matos is a member of the Democratic Party.

She has already informed her supporters that she intends to run. The official campaign launch is on the books for March 13th. Matos would be the second candidate to enter the Democratic primary formally. The first was Allen Waters, who previously ran in the District and statewide as a Republican. Several other Democrats are thought to be considering joining in as a candidate. Including the three of the most influential members of the state legislature. State House Speaker Joe Shekarchi and Majority Leader Christopher Blazejewski, and State Senate Majority Leader Ryan Pearson.

Thus far, no Republicans have officially joined this particular race for the United States House of Representatives. However, a number of them are intrigued by the idea.

Matos has been the lieutenant governor since 2021. Earlier that year, her predecessor, Dan McKee, was elevated to Rhode Island's governor. That resulted in Governor Gina Raimondo being appointed as United States secretary of commerce.

McKee nominated Matos to become the new lieutenant governor, and the Rhode Island Senate confirmed her. She was elected to the office in her own right in 2022, emerging victorious in a three-way race.

Matos first ran for office in 2006. She unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination for a seat on the Providence City Council against incumbent Josephine DiRuzzo.

Four years later, Matos rechallenged DiRuzzo, this time winning. Eventually, she would become president of the City Council.

Is a native of the Dominican Republic

Sabina Matos was born in Paraiso in the southwestern region of the Dominican Republic. Her father was the town's mayor. Matos immigrated to the United States as an adult. At the time, she did not speak English.

Matos would earn a degree from Rhode Island College in communications and public relations. In 2005, she became a naturalized citizen of the United States. Matos and her husband, Patrick Ward, have two children.