The need for renewable energy has become vital. Subscribe to this channel to find out why and keep informed.

Renewable Energy

The need for renewable energy has become vital. Subscribe to this channel to find out why and keep informed.

In the Renewable Energy channel, you will find all latest news as well as learn about various projects being carried out across the world in this sector. Our articles will range from scientific findings to large-scale projects without forgetting efforts made by global citizens to enhance the quality of life through the use of renewable energy. You will also learn about what you, as an individual, may do to contribute to the positive actions. We all depend on the need for renewable energy to compensate for the diminishing fossil fuel reserves and to try to restore the balance of our planet’s global ecosystem.

Several countries are pioneering to go fuel-free

Despite the numerous alarms being constantly raised by experts, many countries including the United States are still relying heavily on resources such as coal, natural gas, and oil for energy. Others, such as Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Costa Rica, and Morocco are leading the shift to renewable energy. Sweden, for example, has placed a target of becoming the pioneer nation to go 100% fuel-free. The country has ramped up investment in wind and solar energy as well as green transport. Costa Rica, on its side, produced 99% of its electricity in 2015 from renewable.

Going back to clean energy as in old times

Prior to the 19th century, almost all energy used was renewable. The primary sources of renewable energy were human labor, water and wind power, and animal power amongst others. In the 1860s, fears started sparkling about the depletion of fossil fuels. In the 1970s, environmentalists began to promote the development of renewable energy as an alternative to oil. This is the period when the first wind turbines appeared. Solar panels, however, were too costly to manufacture until the 1980s.

Today, hydro power, wind power, solar energy, geo thermal energy as well as bio energy are considered as clean alternatives to fossil fuels. Multiple projects are on the right track, and by 2040, renewable energy is expected to equal natural gas and coal electricity generation.

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