Jon Husted is the current lieutenant governor of Ohio, serving under current Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. A member of the Republican party, Husted has held several high-profile political offices in the state.

Then-candidate Mike DeWine tapped Husted as his potential lieutenant governor in 2018. DeWine's victory later that year, followed by another in 2022, caused that to become a reality. Term limits mean that DeWine cannot run for another consecutive term in the next gubernatorial election. That's not scheduled to take place until 2026. But it seems that his top lieutenant is already looking to succeed him.

Husted files paperwork for potential Ohio governor run in 2026

Jon Husted has, relatively quietly, begun a campaign to be the next governor of Ohio. Husted filed paperwork with the state and launched a new website that lay the groundwork for a future campaign.

Husted also issued a statement on the matter, announcing that he and his wife "will continue serving this state and its people" moving forward. The statement seemed to very specifically not say outright that Husted was running for governor. The USA Today, however, note that the paperwork he filed does indeed confirm it.

Husted is the second candidate to make an official move for the 2026 Ohio Republican gubernatorial nomination. He follows conservative activist Matt Mayer, who has also been a critic of his.

State Attorney General Dave Yost is also thought to be considering entering the race.

Jon Husted's political career began at the local level. Including working as a staffer for Don Lucas. Lucas was a commissioner of Montgomery County, Ohio, which includes Dayton. In 2000, Husted was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives.

He would be re-elected to the House three times. In 2005, he became its speaker. Three years later, Husted won a seat in the Ohio Senate. In 2010, he was elected as the Ohio secretary of state by a wide margin over the Democratic nominee. That being Franklin County official Maryellen O'Shaughnessy. In 2014, he was re-elected in a landslide over Democratic State Senator Nina Turner.

Was adopted as a child

Jon Husted was born in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak, Michigan. After his birth, he was placed for adoption. Jim and Judy Husted would adopt him and raise him in Montpelier in northwestern Ohio.

Husted later graduated from the University of Dayton. There, he was a member of the football team, helping them win a national championship in 1989. Husted was reportedly offered a coaching position at the University of Toledo. But turned it down in favor of going into politics.

In 2006, Husted married Tina Zwayer. They have three children.