Charlie Crist has been among the most notable politicians in Florida during the 21st Century. He also has the unique distinction of doing so under three political affiliations and having served as a member of the Republican Party, Democratic Party, and as an Independent in between.

Crist's political career has included holding offices at both the state and the federal levels. And at present, it looks like he might be on his way to holding another office at the federal level. Albeit in something of a different role for him.

Tapped for a role with the U.N. aviation agency

The Hill and the Miami Herald report that U.S. President Joe Biden will nominate Charlie Crist to become an ambassador. The technical job title is United States permanent representative to the International Civil Aviation Organization. The office holder is also given the title of ambassador.

The ICAO is a United Nations special agency. As its name might suggest, it oversees international civilian air transportation. Its headquarters are located in Canada, more specifically in Montreal, Quebec.

Crist began his political career as a candidate in the Republican primary for the Florida Senate in 1986. Afterward, he served on Connie Mack III's successful United States Senate campaign in 1988.

Crist would go on to be elected to the Florida Senate in 1992, defeating Democratic incumbent Helen Davis. He was re-elected in 1994.

In 1998, Crist won the Republican nomination for that year's U.S. Senate race in Florida. He finished short of Democratic incumbent Bob Graham. Graham was a former Florida governor who later became chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

A year later, Governor Jeb Bush appointed Crist to his administration. A year later, he was elected the state's education commissioner. In 2002, Crist won the race to become Florida's next attorney general.

Was elected governor and to Congress

Charlie Crist was elected governor of Florida in 2006 over U.S. Representative Jim Davis.

During his gubernatorial tenure, he changed his political affiliation to Independent. In 2010, he was a candidate in a three-way race for the U.S. Senate. Republican former Florida State House Speaker Marco Rubio ultimately landed the seat. Rubio has since chaired the Senate Small Business and Intelligence Committees. He was also a contender for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination. Democratic U.S. Representative Kendrick Meek was also in the field.

In 2014, Crist won the Democratic nomination for governor of Florida. Republican incumbent Rick Scott kept the office in the end.

Crist was elected to the United States House of Representatives two years later. He defeated Republican incumbent David Jolly.

The race was in the Tampa Bay region's 13th District of Florida. Crist was re-elected twice to the U.S. House. He was a member of the moderate Blue Dog Democrat and New Democrat Coalitions.

Crist resigned from his House seat in 2022. That year, he again was the Democratic gubernatorial nominee. But again, the Republican incumbent, this time Ron DeSantis, held on to the job.

He is a former college football player

Charlie Crist is a native of Altoona in central Pennsylvania. He later moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. Crist enrolled at Wake Forest University, where he was a quarterback on the football team. He later transferred to Florida State University. He became the student body vice president and earned a bachelor's degree there.

Crist later received a degree from Samford University's Cumberland School of Law. He would work as a practicing attorney after graduation, including serving as a general counsel for Minor League Baseball.