Nevada has become one of the most competitive states in American politics. Races for federal, state, and local political offices have become virtual toss-ups over the years. The 2024 election cycle is expected to feature more of the same.

Along with the Presidential election, Nevada will hold a United States Senate race next year. The Democratic nomination in the race likely seems to be settled. But on the Republican side, it's a rather different story.

Gunter expected to be among a crowded primary

NBC reports that Jeffrey Ross Gunter is preparing to enter the 2024 race for the U.S.

Senate from Nevada. Gunter was previously the United States ambassador to Iceland, appointed by then-President Donald Trump.

Gunter's interest in seeking an elected office isn't necessarily surprising. For some time, he's maintained a website online that's styled more for a campaign than ex-diplomat —requests for donations and all.

Democrat Jacky Rosen currently holds the Senate seat in question. Rosen, a former United States House of Representatives member, was elected to the Senate in 2018. At this point, she is expected to claim the Democratic nomination in 2024 easily.

There have thus far been four entrants in the Republican primary, not counting the likely addition of Gunter. Party officials favor Sam Brown, who Politico indicates has been meeting with current Republican senators.

Brown is a highly-decorated retired U.S. Army officer. Other candidates include Jim Marchant. Marchant is a highly-controversial former member of the Nevada Assembly. Also an unsuccessful candidate for Nevada secretary of state, he has a lengthy history of promoting unfounded conspiracy theories.

Several other high-profile names are thought to be possible candidates to be.

Perhaps most notable among them is Dean Heller, a former member of the U.S. Senate. Heller is also a past U.S. representative, state assemblyman, and secretary of state. Also having been brought up is Joe Heck. Heck served in the U.S. House of Representatives and is a retired U.S. Army major general. State Senate Minority Leader Heidi Gansert has been mentioned.

As well as former Lieutenant Governor Brian Krolicki and ex-U.S. Representative Cresent Hardy.

Is a medical doctor by trade

Jeffrey Ross Gunter's tenure as ambassador would become relatively tempestuous. They include but are not limited to his not wanting to be based in Iceland. They are reportedly taking direct intervention from U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. It would not be the only time a higher-up at the State Department would have to get involved.

State Department officials began stepping in after relations between Gunter's office and his Icelandic counterparts strained. Gunter had been ignoring diplomatic protocols and refused to coordinate with the Icelandic government when it would've been appropriate.

An inspector general's report also indicated a toxic work environment at the U.S. Embassy. He was leading to a high rate of personnel turnover. Gunter was also reputed as being paranoid and a supporter of fringe theories.

Gunter is a graduate of Beverly Hills High School in California. He later attended the University of California, Berkeley, and Southern California's Keck School of Medicine. Specializing in dermatology, Gunter completed his residency at what is now the Los Angeles General Medical Center.

Gunter eventually returned to the Keck School to join the faculty. He also opened a private dermatological practice with a chain of offices.