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Discover the viewpoints and opinions of the major national and international companies’ leaders. BlastingTalks connects Blasting News readers with the most influential personalities in the business, social, institutional and cultural fields.

Blasting Talks gives Blasting News readers the chance to understand and deepen the viewpoints and opinions of the most inspiring and influential leaders in the world. The interviews, lead by Blasting News's newsroom, focus on the challenges that these companies face in an increasingly digital world, and on the profound socio-economic transformations humankind is experiencing in this unprecedented period.

The first series of Blasting Talks' interviews examines the impact of COVID-19 outbreak on the world economy through the voices of the economic and social scene’s leaders, who will answer the following questions:

  • Social distancing, intermittent lockdowns, and telecommuting: this is the new normal life we are going to live because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are going to work from home, to be more and more online, to change the way we interact with others. Are our economical and social structures ready to handle this fallout?
  • COVID-19 has also sped up the transition to a fully digital world. We are at the forefront of a deep transformation in the way in which humankind lives and interacts. Are we ready for this new reality? Do you think we need to embrace or fight these changes?
  • "A crisis must never be missed: it is an opportunity to make any system a better system". What are you doing to reshape your own business, and make it better, to navigate this unprecedented time?
  • Can you give us some examples of how your sector has been directly affected by the pandemic and what strategy did you use to mitigate the effects?
  • Based on the experience we are gaining in this situation, what do we need to do in your opinion in order to prevent, or mitigate, the next one?

Based on leaders’ first-hand experience, BlastingTalks interviews will finally try to deepen what are the measures and actions that, in the opinion of the interviewees, each sector will have to take to prevent, or mitigate, a possible new pandemic on a global scale.

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