Mitch McConnell is indisputably one of the most polarizing figures in modern American politics. Perhaps even of any American political period. But all the same, he has maintained his leadership position for a remarkably lengthy tenure.

McConnell is currently in his second go-round as the minority leader of the United States Senate. He held the post of majority leader in between the two. But he could be somewhat out of commission for a little while.

Suffers a concussion after a fall

Mitch McConnell has been admitted to a hospital with a concussion, report Politico and the Associated Press.

It was making him at least the third member of the U.S. Senate to be hospitalized in recent weeks. McConnell sustained the injury when he fell at a political get-together in Washington, D.C.

States hoping for a speedy recovery were quick to pour in for him. Both from his fellow Republicans and from Democrats. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke on the Senate floor about McConnell's accident. Schumer called McConnell his "good friend" and said he was extending prayers and best wishes for him.

The expectation is that McConnell will remain hospitalized "for a few days." But whether or not he could immediately return to normal activities at that point remains to be seen. John Thune of South Dakota is the number two Republican in the Senate.

It's feasible that he could take on increased duties temporarily in the coming days.

McConnell got his official start in politics as a staffer. He was working under U.S. Senators John Sherman Cooper and Marlow Cook. He also worked on Tom Emberton's unsuccessful Kentucky governor campaign in 1971.

Eventually, McConnell served in the administration of U.S.

President Gerald Ford. He was included briefly as the acting assistant attorney general for the Office of Legislative Affairs. He later returned to Kentucky and became an elected official in the Louisville region.

In 1984, McConnell narrowly defeated incumbent Democratic U.S. Senate Walter Dee Huddleston in an upset. McConnell has been re-elected six times subsequently.

He was included in 1996 when he prevailed over future Democratic Governor Steve Beshear.

McConnell has been the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Committees on Ethics and Rules. He also chaired the Congressional Joint Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. In 2003, McConnell was chosen as the Senate majority whip. Four years later, he became the minority leader for the first time.

Has been injured from a fall before

This was not the first instance of Mitch McConnell being seriously injured after falling. In 2019, it occurred at his home. McConnell broke his shoulder and would eventually undergo surgery for it. He's also had several other health incidents in the past.

As a small child, McConnell contracted polio, causing him to become partially paralyzed.

As an adult, he briefly served in the United States Army. But McConnell's time in the Army was cut short by a diagnosis of optic neuritis. He was deemed medically unfit and honorably discharged. After becoming a senator, he underwent a heart operation due to blocked arteries.