The oldest living American president, Jimmy Carter, is now receiving hospice care at his home. The decision was announced by the Carter Center. His decision comes after several short hospital stays.

The Carter Center, a charity that was created by the former president, informed that Carter decided to spend the rest of his life at home with his family and receive hospice care instead of more medical intervention. Carter gained recognition for overseeing fair elections in third-world countries as well as for his work with Habitat for Humanity.

Jimmy Carter is returning home in favor of hospice care

Former President Jimmy Carter said he received full support from his family and medical staff. Back in August 2015, Carter had a small cancerous mass removed from him. A year later, the former president confirmed that he no longer needed more treatment, after taking an experimental drug that eliminated any sign of cancer. In 2019, Jimmy Carter suffered a black eye in a fall and was later hospitalized after fracturing his pelvis in another fall.

President Joe Biden offered his thoughts to the former president's family, admiring the president for his strength and humility showed in difficult times. Senator Raphael Warnock who represents Georgia offered his thoughts to the former president and his family, calling the former president a man of great faith and offered his prayers to the former president's family.

The former president's grandson, Jason, sent out a tweet last weekend saying he was with both of his grandparents and they are at peace and their home is full of love. Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer also offered his prayers to the Carter family. The former president received messages of love and support from both sides of the aisle.

Jimmy Carter was a little-known governor before becoming president

The former president recently celebrated his birthday, back in October, with family and friends in his hometown of Plains, Georgia. Carter and his wife Rosalynn were both born between World War 1 and the Great Depression.

The Carter Center just celebrated 40 years of promoting democracy and advancing public health across the globe.

Carter became president in 1976, defeating incumbent president Gerald Ford. The former president ended up only serving one term after being defeated by Republican Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Jimmy Carter started his presidential campaign as a little-known Georgia governor, who delivered a surprise strong performance at the Iowa caucuses. Iowa would then become a key state for presidential politics. Carter swept the South, leading him to defeat Ford in the General Election. Carter ended up witnessing his home state shift heavily toward Republicans.