The State of Wisconsin is next slated to hold a United States Senate election in 2024. For a number of decades now, Wisconsin has been one of the most hotly contested states in the country.

The Senate seat scheduled to be voted on next year is currently held by Democrat Tammy Baldwin. Baldwin is a member of party leadership in the Senate. She was also on now-President Joe Biden's shortlist to be his vice president. Tom Tiffany, meanwhile is a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives. He holds a seat from the 7th District of Wisconsin, based in portions of the state's northern region.

But he evidently also has an interest in the Senate.

Considering launching a campaign

Tom Tiffany is thinking about becoming a U.S. Senate candidate. Thus far, there have been no entrants in the Republican primary race for 2024 in Wisconsin. Aside from Tiffany, other names that have been mentioned include his fellow U.S. Representative Mike Gallagher.

Gallagher is a moderate Republican who was elected to the House from Wisconsin's 8th District. He is also the chairman of the House Select Committee on China. Tiffany is by contrast often affiliated with the far-right wing of the party. Including supporting unfounded conspiracy theories about the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. Even questioning the results in his own state.

Which verifiably and validly went for Joe Biden. Tiffany's possible presence in the Senate race has not been a welcome thought to many. The Cap Times even said that him being a U.S. senator "would be a travesty."

Tiffany has secured at least a pair of domain names for a theoretical Senate campaign website. But to this point one has not actually been realized.

According to WUWM, Tiffany had thoughts about a potential match-up with Baldwin. "Tammy Baldwin will be very difficult to beat," he said. "But none of us is unbeatable. None of us."

Tiffany was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in a 2020 special election. The seat had been held by Republican former reality television star Sean Duffy.

Duffy resigned from Congress after one of his children was diagnosed with multiple serious health conditions.

Later on the same year, Tiffany won a full term to the House. He was re-elected in 2022. Tiffany is a member of the House Committees on the Judiciary and on Natural Resources.

Is a native of Minnesota

Tom Tiffany was born in Wabasha in eastern Minnesota. He would graduate from high school in Elmwood, Wisconsin, followed by the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. After working for a Planview, Minnesota farm cooperative, he moved to Minocqua, Wisconsin.

In 2004, Tiffany ran for the Wisconsin Senate, losing to Democratic incumbent Roger Breske. He ran for the same seat again in 2008, also unsuccessfully.

This time falling short to Democratic former State Tourism Secretary and Assemblyman Jim Holperin.

From 2009 to 2013, he was the supervisor of Little Rice, Wisconsin. Along the way, Tiffany won a seat in the Wisconsin State Assembly in 2010. In his third attempt, he was elected to the Wisconsin Senate in 2012. Tiffany would win the seat again in 2016.