Nikki Haley is a former governor of the State of South Carolina. She is a member of the Republican party. At the time of her gubernatorial service, Haley was widely considered to be a moderate. In more recent times, her policy stances have taken a veer more to the right of center.

Haley had also once been a strong critic of intensely controversial President-to-be Donald Trump. And then, to the surprise of many, Trump named her to a prominent post in his administration. Haley was the United States ambassador to the United National for nearly two years.

After months of speculation, it seems she and her former boss are going to compete for the same job.

To formally announce her Presidential candidacy

The Post and Courier reports that Nikki Haley is officially entering the Republican Presidential primary for 2024. According to CNN, Haley is to make the public declaration on February 15th. An email was recently sent out to her supporters inviting them to a "special announcement" on that date. The event is reportedly set to take place in Charleston, South Carolina.

Haley had been discussed as a potential Presidential candidate for a number of years. She had previously stated that she wouldn't run in 2024 if Trump was running. And though he has announced another run for the Presidency, she seems to have had a change of heart.

During her time as a member, Haley largely avoided the many scandals that the Trump administration became embroiled in. But she would retroactively become linked with some of them. Particularly due to her vocal support of some of the administration's most polarizing policies. But she would criticize the now-former president for his role in the 2021 riot at the United States Capitol.

Haley was first elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives in 2004. She defeated longtime incumbent Larry Koon in the Republican primary. Haley would be re-elected to the House twice.

In 2010, Haley was elected governor of South Carolina over the Democratic nominee, State Senator Vincent Sheheen. The two later met in re-match in 2014.

Haley would win in a landslide.

She took over the role of U.S. ambassador to the United Nations in early 2017. Haley departed from the job at the close of 2018.

Is a first generation American

Haley's full maiden name was Nimrata Nikki Randhawa. She was born in Bamberg, South Carolina in the state's southern region. Her parents had immigrated to the United States from northern India. Haley's father was a professor at what is now Voorhees University in Denmark, South Carolina. Her mother was a public school teacher before founding a clothing boutique.

The younger Randhawa would graduate from a private school in Orangeburg, South Carolina. She later obtained a degree in accounting from Clemson University.

Eventually, she became the chief financial officer of the clothing business her mother created.

In 1996, she married Michael Haley. Michael Haley is an officer in the United States Army and a veteran of the War in Afghanistan. The Haleys have two children.