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Oreo introduces new flavors, Apple Pie and Cadbury-coated cookies

The new flavors join the many exciting tastes that the cookie group has released in the past.
Nabisco recently debuts two new flavors of their cookies, Apple Pie Oreos and Cadbury-coated Oreos. Recent Instagram posts by Candy Hunting revealed the packages of the two exciting flavors released by the cookie company. Candy Hunting’s Instagram post stated that the Apple Pie-flavored biscuits are found on the website of Target. Fans are excited to taste these new variants. The caption of the photo said, “The new Apple Pie Oreos are up on Target's website now! They show they're not in stock yet, but that will change later this month.” The account is reportedly dedicated to exploring sweets and pastries, and sharing them to followers, Elite Daily reported. The Apple Pie cookies had a packaging that says it is out for a limited edition, and that the biscuits are Graham-flavored. The article said that customers can already find the products online and search for the store location where they are sold, even if they are not yet officially in the store shelves. September release...